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Aug 2, 2008 at 1:32 am

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1995 Mercury Grand Marquis GS (Da Crab)

Last updated Apr 22, 2009  

Photo of a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis GS (Da Crab)


Nothing special, it's just an average run of the mill 95 Mercury Grand Marquis set up to be a taxi cab, (yes, I drive a cab-- no free rides!!! LOL)

Came across this car by accident-- my last cab (90 Lumina) broke the timing chain and a friend sold me this for $1500... Not a big Ford man, but this is a NICE car!

One down side is that repairs and other related costs are generally 3 times with Ford what I have spent on GM products. Case in point, I spent $1300 in 2 years repairing the Lumina that preceded this car, this one has had $6000+ spent on it.

New A/C system last year, ($1200)
New alternator, ($250)
Clockspring in the steering wheel ($285 parts/labor)
(This will disable the horn and cruise control, common problem for anyone experiencing this)

Door hinges on LF door wore out ($400 parts/labor)
Front suspension and steering rebuild ($1500 parts/labor)
New Radiator, T-stat, and Water Pump ($400 parts/labor)
New Heater Hose (under the intake -- WTH?) ($150 parts/labor)

Thank God it's a 95 and I don't have that stupid plastic intake manifold to deal with! Who designs this crap?

Nice car, but expensive to upkeep! :P


$52 a day in fuel......
$2600 a year to insure
basically about $2.00 per paid mile to operate. (Paid mile means mileage actually run on the meter, vs dead miles)

Factory 4.6L SOHC V8 - I believe the factory rating on these was modest - around 215 hp, the early 4.6s were built more for cruising. 4-speed automatic with electronic overdrive. Factory paint was light blue.

Factory Options

4.6 SOHC engine (VIN W) (215 hp? Can anyone verify?)
4R70W overdrive automatic
Power everything
Dark Blue Leather Interior with six-way lumbar


Custom Two-tone paintjob using GM Sport Blue and Bright Silver Metallic, picked these colors myself. Can anyone tell this car was painted in a barn?

Custom lettering graphics by a local signage company, (would not use again due to getting jerked around)

Taxi Equipment includes standard design top light and a
Centrodyne Silent 610 taximeter controlling a relay so the toplight switches off when the meter is running, indicating the cab is hired. Custom fit install I did myself regarding the stereo and the meter -- pics are coming!

When you spend over 50 hours a week in a car, (most of it sitting around waiting) you gotta have some quality entertainment to pass the time.... I mounted my laptop in the car to surf internet while at the airport waiting for fares, and also use it for audio and video entertainment when not on the InterNet. If anyone is considering this type of setup, the system works well, and is comprised of the following:

Computer - Dell Latitude C840 laptop
Audio - Kenwood KRC-435 with JL Audio 5x7s and 6x9s
Video - Factory Dell LCD and Xenarc 1530YR

Cost of System

Dell Latitude C840 - $265 shipped on eBay
JL Audio Speakers - $350 from Crutchfield
Xenarc 1530 Monitor - $562 from Dynamix Computers
250GB Hard Drive - $ 85 on eBay

Total $1262

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