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Aug 5, 2009 at 8:22 pm
I want a cool picture like this!!

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1996 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition LT4 (Vette)

Last updated Aug 5, 2009  

Photo of a 1996 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition LT4 (Vette)


It Is my "America Remembers" car. I bought it on the eve before 9/11/01. I did not sleep much that night as satisfying my longtime yearning for a Vette meant I would have to work an additional two years to pay for it before I could retire. Also, did I really need this?

After the next day's events, I was even more numb, but about thursday it hit me. Yes, I was happy I bought it. This happiness increased when I actually got to drive it home, and more each day as I discovered what I really had.

We took it to Yellowstone Park in 2002, a completely awesome place that we had never been to. The trip was an unbelievably more exciting one in the Vette. 965 miles the first day, and it poured down rain for the first 4 hours (55 mph max). Arrived in Rapid City SD to snow after some long stretches of 95 mph interstate, but felt as refreshed as when we left!

Yes, I am still happy I got it and would hate to give it up.