Photo of a 1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible (AreoGT)


1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible


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Description: Valve seals in the stock 160K NPI engine were going bad, a common issue on the early 4.6L NPI engines so I picked up this 58K PI 4.6L at a local all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury salvage yard that I use quite a lot for anything Ford. I have purchased several engines from them over the years. This place gets all the premium insurance total loss cars in Jacksonville and they record engine oil pressure and compression numbers before they sell any engine so you know what your getting which is not like any other salvage yard I have used around here. They also supply you with a full 6 month warranty. Not to mention their engines are inventoried and palatalized before you pick it up. This one fired right up and ran for us after installation and served me well.
By: 87stangman
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