1998 Mercury Mountaineer (5.0 mercury mountaineer)

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This was my grandparents car and they past it down for me too use it was a Florida car and really never beaten on it was my first car to drive around and it was fun it had the mustang 5.0 and it would get up and go with a posi rear and i could light them up for hours we sold the car for it was not two wheel drive and i do miss the car. I needed four wheel drive for the winter so we sold it for 3,000 cash and eventually bought a tahoe


posi rear
two wheel drive

Factory Options

fully loaded every option it could come with besides the sun roof


all stock


  • looks like it was a clean car to me! that white is glowing! atleast there is still an few people that take care of the adverage DD’s. check out my 02 durango when you get an chance.

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