1999 Ford E-350 (The Coffee Van)

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This is my work van. it has almost 400,000 miles on it Not even kidding. it has had no repairs any bigger than a new starter and it still runs like a dream

This van is a driving testament to Fords great engineering


triton V8 5.4

Factory Options

none not even a cassette player


we knocked the muffler off once


  • Wow, just a starter? I’ve replaced-Tranny,Fuel pump,radiator,water pump,and thermostat! I did the seats over too because gettin’ in and out doin’ deliveries all night long and i’m kinda “Big-Boned” LOL so the drivers seat could only take so much. I drive 5 nights a week, 200 to 600 miles a night, i might catch up to ya! (i did say might) Keep me posted on the life of your van, 1/2 million milers are rare. cool to hear from you,and more success with the van.

    Peace! Buddyluv!

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