1999 Pontiac Trans Am (THEBlackbird)

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i received this car right before i turned 15, my parents bought it as a Sunday driver, straight off the truck, they actually got to see it get dropped of at the dealership, the dealership never even put a sticker in the window. But with two kids they never got much of a chance to cruise. They decided to sell it, but for some reason i have a sentimental attachment to it, and i begged them not to sell it, so they said since it was paid off and they knew id take care of it, i could have it as my first car, i have loved it ever since. its my baby for shure!!


5.7L V-8
’round 400hp
0-60 – ’round 4
want to know more? ask.

Factory Options

Monsoon audio system w/CD player
(soon to be upgraded to Alpine)
Power steering, seats, door locks and windows


I have flowmasters exhaust, and a K&N intake system on it, i also have 18in. FOOSE rims, wrapped with Nitto NT-555’s. i have a few aesthetic add-ons such as: Street-glow neon, and a few white overlays on the lettering on door panel and on front license plate bird.

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