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Jul 28, 2010 at 1:28 am
Runnin' on the high banks of Bristol! I'm envious!

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2000 Pontiac firebird/trans am (the "bird:)

Last updated Jul 24, 2010  

Photo of a 2000 Pontiac firebird/trans am (the "bird:)


I got my "bird" on my 17th bday from myself but my parents helped me find it. On my 18th bday they took my car and totally turned it into a trans am look a like for me, they put the ram air hood on it, gray racing stripes, and the bird on the hood. looked like a different car and everyone that sees it thinks its a true trans am, one of these days i'll put me a 6.6 in it but for now its great like it is. my car looks awesome and its fun as hell to race. the car is pretty much everything to me if you know what i mean, its the one thing that feels good when you've had a rough day and no one seems to make it better and the prettiest thing i see every day! i absolutely love cars and love to see a car with the ability to look and run like new seeing as how i worked at a autobody shop fixing cars and my husband is a mechanic. cars are pretty much everything to both of us. the whole reason i started having the passion for cars like i do is when i saw "smokey and the bandit". its my all time favorite and thats why i had to get firebird/trans am for my first car. i'll have it forever! i love it!


I have a 3.8 l v6 firebird with alittle over 200 horsepower. the top speed is 120 and it does every bit of it. i've took it to the bristol motor speedway in tn and had alot od fun with it!


my 2000 model firebird does have the trans am ram air hood, custom paint with the racing stripes and the bird on the hood, tinted windows, a big phoenix firebird on the back windshield, phoenix firebird center caps on the wheels, flowmasters,t-tops and a whole list of other things.