2001 Pontiac Trans Am (THOR)

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We purchased THOR in December 2010. We decided it was time to part ways with my ’00 GP and my wife found a good deal on a 25,000 mile 2001 T/A that was at a dealer not far from the house. A couple days later it was in our driveway. Its cool to have his/hers Trans Ams. Since her 2001 T/A WS6 is named ODIN, we decided to name mine THOR. It is still mostly stock. The only mods are SLP Subframe Connectors, SLP Air Box Lid and Smooth Bellow and LS6 Valley Cover. This car is an absolute blast to drive. It is my daily so it is even driven in show. I don’t even have traction control and it still drives pretty good in snow. Actually, it snowed the day after we bought the car so we bonded right away after it got me home safely in the snow. I always say a car is for driving and this car is going to be driven. My goal is to hit at least 200,000 miles. I just hit 43,000 so i’ve got a ways to go yet but i’ll get there. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase! We even took THOR to the drive-in to see the movie “THOR” last summer. THOR also won it’s first award at a local car show in September. These are just two of many more memories to come with my 2001 T/A THOR.


5.7L LS1 V8 Engine
Automatic Transmission


SLP Air Box Lid and Smooth Bellow, SLP Subframe Connectors, LS6 Valley Cover
Sail Panel Bird Decals, Front License Plate Cover Decal
Custom Trans Am Floor Mats


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