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2002 Dodge Neon same color as car (my baby)

Last updated Dec 4, 2007  

Photo of a 2002 Dodge Neon same color as car (my baby)


this car has turbos,superchargers,a sound system and a cool air intake this bitch will leave in a heart beat.....


While at Nopi Nationals in Atlanta, GA I picked up a new pair of seats for the car. I think they fit the over all clean look of the car. They are Corbeau Legacy Black Suede Racing Seats. After talking to the Corbeau rep, it looks like I'm getting sponsored.

Just a little update; I just got a few extra parts to hopefuly complete this project. In the next few weeks I should have the Neon running again after two years. Once I get the car running its off the Extreme Motorsports for some basic tunning. From there to GW Collision for some new paint and then to Speedesign Graphics for vynal graphics. After the car has a few miles on it, it'll go back to Extreme Motorsports for a retune and then the Neon will be good to go. So again, stay tuned. It's almost done!

November 14, 2006, marks the offical re-birth of the R/T. After three days of hell trying to figure out why the car wouldn't start, she finally did. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world to have completed a project like this. I never thought this day would come. Some might say putting $30K into a Neon isnt worth it, but I disagree. All my hard work has paid off. Now, I'm not finished yet, there are many little things I need to take care of first. So stay tuned!

August 03, 2007: The neon still sits. I havent done much of anything for quite awhile. I just recived alot of carbon fiber interior parts that I've been wainting for since last last October. A few months ago I got a AllMotorMike turbo intake manifold, its installed but now I need to weld up some new boost pipes. Wilwood brakes are installed along with a new timing belt and pulley. Again, she isnt finished yet and I have no completion date. She'll be done when shes done. Meanwhile, life is great when I get to drive my '06 Charger R/T.

September 23, 2007: The neon was started today. After almost a year since the last start up she still sounds mean as hell. A bunch of friends came over to help me work on the car. We got a lot done I think. In a few weeks I'll be able to drive her. It's been well over 3 years since the last time. I wont be "boosting" her so to speak. The turbo is there, just not all the boost pipes. So for now, the turbo will be running "open". This will give me some time to break in the engine and save some money to get the rest of the the pipes made and a good tune. Then she would just need a fresh coat of paint. I'll try to have some new pics up soon.

Factory Options

all it came with factory is a four cylender some rims and the body was alright but it is beeter now that I have put money into it well holla


so far I have put gages in it got it running again and out rims on it the best thing that I have done was put a sound system in it well it was the first thing I did I got the system than put rims on it than paint than gages than turbo coolair intake and supercharger well than I put seats in it well now I am getting neon put in and under it

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