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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Super Ram (NanoRam)

Last updated Dec 15, 2008  

Photo of a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Super Ram (NanoRam)

No longer owned


This truck was added last year but for some reason the only vehicle listed is the Vegas Terror, anways.

I adopted this 2002 Dodge Super Ram from the originial owner back in 2004. I needed a new toy and saw her on the lot of a friends dealership. The original owner had it at the dealer on consignment.

I had never heard of a "Super Ram" edition so I called the owner. He advised he was a parts manager for a Dodge dealership and had ordered the truck with work done to the heads, exhaust and other performance upgrades.

To set it apart from a basic Ram1500 Sport 4X4, he added the Super Ram aftermarket decals.

In 2005 I wet-sanded then buffed out the paint to remove as much of the orange peel and scratches as I could. After we had a mirror finish to the paint I treated it with our NanoBionics AP-P, the wheels were treated with CP-P (chrome Protect-Professional), the glass was treated with AG-P and the velour seats were treated with P-Tex.

The truck was taken to various shows to include the Master's Ultimate Auto Expo in Knoxville, Tenn. and several local shows.

She was a good friend and enjoyed the fact when dirty it looked clean.

Since I had adopted a 2004 Jeep Rubicon I had to put the 2002 Ram up for adoption, could no longer justify having 5 vehicles on the insurance.

She was adopted last month by a young police officer from Maryland whom had recently totaled his 2000 Dodge Ram he loved. When he saw my girl he could not believe the shape it was in and said he would keep it looking as good.

We all dislike parting with our babies but it is nice when someone tells you they will care for it as much as you did, that makes it all worth it.


- Heads milled thrity-thousandths, port and polished then treated with NanoBionics AeroGuard Aluminum treatment.

- Throttle body was polished then treated with the AeroGuard Aluminum treatment to increase the airflow and channel the air flow.

- 305x50x20 Falken's on OEM Polished wheels

- Entire exterior and interior treated with our NanoBionics treatments making it eco-friendly since it was cleaned with water most of the time. Funny thing, she was a gas hog but still eco-friendly lol

Factory Options



Removed the Super Ram graphics since they were in bad shape when I purchased the truck. Ordered a new set, truck was adopted before we could put them back on so we included them with the sale.

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