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2004 Chevrolet 2500 HD Duramax Diesel (Baddness)

Last updated Aug 6, 2008  

Photo of a 2004 Chevrolet 2500 HD Duramax Diesel (Baddness)

No longer owned


Ok so this was really my husbands truck. I loved to drive it. I could of cared less what the fuel cost. It is worth it. I push the trottle and it sounded like a jet taking off. I pulled FEMA trailers with it. Hey, gave me a reason to drive it. Use cruise and no matter going up or down hills it maintained the same speed. After that was over he decided to trade it in for a HD that was a non-diesel, lifted and even though it was white I hated it. Basically because it wasn't Baddness.

Couple of funny stories...While on the way to deliver a trailer, I stopped at a truck stop to get something to eat. There is a group of guys that walk in and sit in the middle of the diner. One of them says "Who's drivin that Chevy out there with the trailer?" Mind you I am ALONE. I said I was. They start laughing and teasing about it being a Chevy. Granted I was one of the few driving a Chevy. They tease and pick the whole time I am eating. I went out to the truck and took a nap for about 30 min. I hit the road. This is the funny part. I am going up what in the south ya'll call a hill, its a mountain. Off on the side there are about 5 trucks lined up. All of which are Fords and Dodges. One of the trucks that they had said would outlast and outrun my truck was broke down. I hear on the radio there "goes that girl in the Chevy."

The other was I was on my way north to pick up a trailer. There was a guy in a Dodge Diesel. Kind of an open area. The light would turn green and I would go. He would lag behind. Then I realize when we had to stop at lights he is trying to see in the dark window. Again the light turns green and I hear his truck make all that noise. He wants to race! I hit the gas and the HD leaves him sitting there. This goes on for 3 more lights. I pull in to the parking lot, park the truck, as I am getting out I hear "Hey buddy!" Then I watch him turn white. He got beat not only by a Chevy but by a girl! The guy we drive for, we will call him X asks what is wrong and he said "a Chevy beat my truck." X says "no its more of a blow cause she is a she and not a he." Ol' boy in the Dodge said "Man don't tell anybody that I lost to her!" I was laughing so hard there was no sound coming from me and I was doubled over.

One day I WILL have myself a White one without the corney orange lights on top.


NONE...Like it needed any.