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Jun 26, 2008 at 1:01 am
So fun without the roof !
And the 19" rims are great !

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2005 BMW M3 Rag Top (It)

Last updated May 13, 2008  

Photo of a 2005 BMW M3 Rag Top (It)

No longer owned


Pre-Divorce Final BMW. I am a Die-Hard V8 RWD person but these are the ultimate driving machines. I would love to incorporate many of the BMW features into a Fox-Body Stang. Easy access oil filter can and paper filter on top of the engine. A battery location that does not shake & bake. Modular easy -to - remove radiator and electrical parts etc...

Prior to divorce, ex-wife and I test-drove this car sewveral times. It was when fuel prices first spiked in 2006. It was a year old trade-in at a Hummer dealer. The delaership had acres of Hummers, tons of salesmen and no customers! The sticker in the glove box was for $55k. The book value was at $49k and the car had 5k miles on it and tons of warranty left.
After 2 weekends of test-driving they finallycalled us and we financed the car for $43k!!!! This was on a Sunday...we used GMAC financing. The next day we refinanced it via our credit union at a really low annual rate!... Compared to my older V8 RWD rides; The M# (and all BMWs) have little lady-like clutch, brake and gas pedals. This made driving quite an adjustment...especially in my uniform boots. The throw of the shifter is so small I stalled out often. The mustang shift-throw is like rowing a boat compared to these cars. BMWs (most German Cars) are very heavy vehicles. This little rag-top weighed nearly as much as the TransAm and Mustang combined! Horse power, handling and ride were beyond description. Very fun. Exciting for most enthusists. But I like being a total driver. I like the transAm and Stang because they have no computer assisted anything. I like managing the wheel-hop, feeling and hearing the rumble and the road, smelling the fumes etc...