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2006 Ford Mustang GT (Delilah)

Last updated Dec 28, 2008  

Photo of a 2006 Ford Mustang GT (Delilah)


It all started when my mom gave me 25k to go and buy a new car for my graduation. I spent months thinking about which car to get. I went from a lifted Chevy Silverado to a Chevelle to a Mustang Cobra. I really wanted that Cobra but at the dealer or i should say a random dealer we stopped by at explained to my mom that it might be too much power for me : /....thank you sales man who had no bussiness telling this to my mom. In the end he didint sell us a car and we left un happy. A week went by and my uncle suggested we visit a Ford dealer near my house. We walked in and i immediately saw all this new mustangs and the first thing that entered my head was" We cant afford it". The sales person convinced us to get into this mustang that was top of the line. We went along for the ride but i was convinced this wouldnt be my car. In the end we found out that this mustang was a year old and they wanted to clear it out in order to bring in the new 2007 mustangs. So my uncle talked to the sales man and after hours of negotiating convinced them to drop the price from 35k to 26k with CA fees paid. The second my mom signed the papers they took my car off to be washed. I felt so sad to think that this car which i thought i could never get i had got, but just like that it was gone.
When we finally took it home i was still in shock as i saw this beautiful car sitting in the driveway. At this point i was still not allowed to drive the car since i had bad math grades. In the end i convinced my mom to let me drive it and so the story began. I wanted to name my first car something special but i couldnt decide on a name. I was dusting my car one day when the song Hey there Delilah by The Plain White T's came on. At that very moment i knew this would be her name.
Delilah and I have had our fun and scares. I was involved in one accident where i hit an oil slick and lost all traction and jumped a curve and almost hit an electrical post. I blew out the front suspension and broke my two right side wheels : (. 4 weeks later she was fixed and we went off on our normal reign in the senior parking lot at my high school. Me and my friend who had a Magnum R/T always had some fun peeling out and driving around the lot a couple extra times just to show off. It is because of this that with only 4k miles on my car I will be due soon for a new set of tires hahahah i guess it finally caught up to me.
Either way i am happy, it was all worth it, and i look forward to making my Stang go faster and have more pull than my friend with the R/T or!!!! my TWO!!! former teacher with mustangs of their own. Both well one has a Saleen supercharger already and the other is about to sooooo im a lil behind.
I plan to get a Kenne Bell, cold air, straight through Borla pipes, chip, and you know what.....just get anything done to the car that will make it go fater!!


Shes still stock aside from a rear exhaust-JBA
Shes a stock 2006 Mustang Gt 300hp and 320tq to the crank

Factory Options

Premium pony package
came with red interior red floor mats and a shaker 1000 speaker system.


JBA exhaust......for now......want Borla cat-back stingers!!!