2007 Piper Warrior III (Sioux 60)

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This ariplane is one of the many airplanes I get to fly at UND. This one is the newest one I have ever been in. I got to be the first student to fly and land and takeoff and such in it. So as you realize it’s not really my airplane it’s the college’s but I still get to fly in it so I figured I would put it on here. This is also the plane I got to solo in which was very lucky considering the number of Warriors UND has.


Engine – 160 HP Lycoming

Max Takeoff Weight – 2440 lbs

Fuel Capacity – 50 gals

Max speed – 160 kts

Cruise speed – 115 kts

Max altitude – 11,000 ft

Landing distance – Approx – 620ft

Takeoff distance – Approx – 1000ft

4 – Passenger

Factory Options

Glass cockpit



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