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Apr 22, 2009 at 5:46 pm
That looks like it will be a little dangerous(a lot of fun). It reminds me of a couple of toys a good friend of mine built back in the mid 80's that we dubbed "Death Machine One" and "Death Machine Two". "Death Machine One" was an "old school" three wheel chopper style off road go cart with big low pressure tires on the back,similar to the tires on your cart, but had a long chopper style front end with a small mini-bike type front tire that originally came with a 5hp (I think) B+S engine. that engine was replaced with a 340 snowmobile engine and had no brakes. He was known to do full throttle donuts in it and would eventually get the front end pointing straight up in the air spinning on the rear tires in one spot,called"The Death Spin", sometimes landing rubber side down, sometimes not. "Death Machine Two" was a small 3 or 5hp mini-bike. That engine was replaced with a twin cyl 400 or 440?(Hey, that was a long time ago!) snowmobile engine shoe-horned into the frame. The engine itself
was where you put your feet.Two small square stock pipes where attached to the rear axle bolt parallel with the ground and two old Honda SL shocks were attached between the back of the seat and the trailing edge of the square stock for wheelie-bars,the wheels being old push mower wheels, which were
absolutely needed. Oh yeah,no brakes on that either. Two pretty wicked machines that were a little stupid, a little crazy and a little dangerous(see "a lot of fun") Sorry, no pictures that I know of,RATS. Good luck with your toy.

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2009 Home made off-road it will be a SS (Insane go-kart)

Last updated Jul 22, 2010  

Photo of a 2009 Home made off-road it will be a SS (Insane go-kart)


Well my Brother in law and I got the idea of an off-road go kart but with his sled engine. The engine is an Arctic Cat 900 bored .030 over, rocket clutch, reworked carbs new jets and some other little goodies that are in the engine. My bro in law says that it could be pushing around 160 horse if not more. Well some of it is together now, the front end of the sled is mounted on the frame (having an issue with connecting the steering together chances are we'll use the steering system out of a lawn mower or something. The front has a 50" wheel base and the rear is going to have a 60". The frame itself is going to be widened by 12"-16" inches (6-8 on either side) Then comes the mounting of that engine, which is still in the works right now.


Not sure of what this 900 can do but from talking to my brother in law it is one snotty girl. He had told me that there is absolutely no place to ride that sled around here due to the way its built, and its built for drags. When I get some numbers after its done I'll put 'em up so you can see 'em.

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The entire vehicle is the modification. Almost being built from scratch, almost not completely.

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no new developments

Well no new stuff has been done to the isane buggy yet due to the lack of parts that I need, oh and the time which seems to be an issue at the moment. All the other vehicles decided to take a **** this year so I gotta monkey with them first (the IROC bein...

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The steering is connected

Well after just kinda puttering around a little bit yesterday I got the steering hooked up and straightened out. It maybe modified a little bit due to too much play in the steering shaft. the front spindles are welded in and read for rims and tires to be...

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