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2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 (Thunder)

Last updated Sep 2, 2007  

Photo of a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 (Thunder)


Its The muscle of the Family.


Prevettes online store!

Every 6 Months -
Clay Barred - Luberication + Clay - Takes off rail dust and any other foriegn objects that a normal wash and wax totally miss.

Pre-Cleaned - Strips off old layers of wax to a squeaky clean, down to the bare paint and removes all minor scratches and swirl marks from daily driving.

Sealed - Sealant = Chemically bonding with the paint for LONG ENDURANCE against UV rays and the day to day weather. MUCH MORE PROTECTION THAN WAX ! Left sit on the truck for approx 24 hours for maximium cure.

Waxing - Applied a week after the sealant is taken off. This gives the ULTIMATE DEPTH, GLOSS, AND LONGEST PROTECTION OUT THERE! The carnuba wax just takes the brunt of all of the UV rays and weather. Though not near as strong as the Sealant, This being ONTOP of the sealant makes it LAST MUCH longer than just waxing it.

Every Month-
Washed- Washed with a wax based soap and not dish soap. Removes harsh chemicals and dirt from daily driving.

Waxed - Waxed with carnuba wax. just ensures the sealant is protected and protects the car even more!

Every 2 weeks -
Quick Detailed - With a Wax Fortified Quick Detail, Cleans light dirt off and leaves a very thin layer of wax for the inbetween wash. LEAVES A GREAT SHINE IN NO TIME!

Every week - Washed. =)

Every day - Wiped down.

Every Hour - ................... I am not that crazy. lol


5.3L V8


Cat-back dual Exhaust
Alpine Stereo
10" Kicker Sub
Alpine Amp
Tonneau cover
Chrome door handles
16" American Racing Nitro Rims
Cooper Tire
Dee Zee Nurf Bar
Dee Zee Bug Shield

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