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Oct 11, 2008 at 7:45 am
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Jul 6, 2008 at 2:02 am
Cara is so lucky!!!! lol

ya i might buy 2 66 Chevelles for a project but i dont know yet!
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Jul 5, 2008 at 7:04 pm
That is a crazy story

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1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Cara's 69)

Last updated Jul 5, 2008  

Photo of a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Cara's 69)


I had a friend/work mate that owned this Chevelle and he kept telling everybody that he was going to do all this work to it but never seemed to get started. One day he asked me if I knew anybody needing a 350 block and I told him I was interested. I bought the whole motor for $75. A year or so passed and he asked if anybody needed a transmission so I went over and looked at it and realized it was a Powerglide so I bought it for my drag car. Then he sold another work mate the hood and it was a SS hood but we never asked to verify whether or not he had an actual SS car. Another year or so passed and he called me up complaining that he wanted to move out of town and the Chevelle was too far gone (rust, etc...) so he was going to sell it to a salvage yard for $40. I went over and looked at the rearend that was in it and it was a 12-bolt so I told him I would haul it away for what the salvage yard was going to give him and that I needed a rearend since I bent mine in my drag car. He agreed so I went home and brought a friend back to help load the car up. Me being in a hurry to get it moved so I could rearrange my storage unit I forgot the straps and chains. The two friends went back over to my house to get them (across town) since I had the trailer hooked up. I got this hair up my butt to jack the car up and see if it was a posi or what. It was a 12-bolt Posi ! I remembered the SS he sold to a buddy and looked further at the car while they were gone. I noticed factory dual exhaust hangers. He had factory rally wheels in the trunk and a few other goodies that caught my eye. I said nothing to them when they got back and I chained it down and hurried home. He had to get the title from his bank as he had used it for a loan so I only had the VIN tag to go off of. I called up my local Chevrolet dealer and asked him if he could run a trace on the VIN number. He said it would take a little time but he would get back with me. It was about 20 minutes or so and he called back with good news. I bought myself a $40 1969 Chevelle SS. Yes it is hashed, rusty, and tore all apart missing the glass etc... but I actually bought the numbers matching motor and transmission years earlier. To this date I gave the Chevelle to my currently 9 year old son who is already one of the biggest gearheads I know. I never touched the car from the way I brought it home that day. He has been bugging me for the past few years to get started working on it. I figured it would be a great father and son project. There is a lot of work ahead of us but I think it will be worth it in the long run. He was a great brother and gave up the Chevelle this first part of July 2008 to his sister of 16 years old for a 1974 Vega pro street/drag car I bought. So now it belongs to Cara.


Currently it was a 350 SB Chevy car with a 2 Speed Powerglide. I do have the numbers matching motor and trans. I think it had the 300 HP 350 in it but not sure as I am waiting for my son to get old enough to help build it before I worry about the specs.

Factory Options

It has factory 14" Rally wheels, factory dual exhaust hangers, had a SS hood, and a factory 12-Bolt posi rearend. It also had bucket seats and a horseshoe style floor shifter.


No mods have been done yet. Thsi car needs a lot of TLC !!!

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