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1970 Dodge Challenger RT

“Bandito IV”

1983 Chevrolet El Camino SS.......ish


Photo of: 1970 Dodge Challenger RT
Photo of: 1983 Chevrolet El Camino

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About “Bandito IV”

After retiring in 2002 from the telephone industry we started looking for another Mopar to fill in spare time when not working at Bandimere Speedway as an SFI certified tech official.

In the summer of 2004 a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T - F/SA - G/SA class car was found in MN, it had been sitting for several years, stored in a heated garage. A deal was made and the car was moved to Colorado checked over and tested at Bandimere Speedway to see how competitive it would be in the thin air of Denver.

This was testing only before going into a rebuild / upgrade stage and total restoration back to its hay days of the 1970's. Boy did we take on a mess, once we started you can only keep going to reach the end result.

BAD MOVE ......

Car was tested in Denver CO as a G/SA - 2004, @ 5,860' with ET's in the 12.70's @ 109.98 in 2004

Born a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT "Plum Crazy Purple" car equipped with a 340/275 hp motor, 904 transmission & a 8-3/4" rear end.
Life as a cruiser was short lived in the early 70's, soon it was seeing drag racing duties at local strips in the area of MN. As time passed the car has gone through difference stages of being updated to meet the demands of service as a race car.

This information should have been a WARNING SIGN that the parts could need replacement after years of hard service. As you view these pages you will find that what you look at and what you really have just purchased may not be the same. In this case I found that anything from major parts to the body parts were not as good a condition as thought.

About “Elky”

This is an 83 Elky I just bought.
It had a little bit of body damage that I am repairing. The primer is not all damage, just a few rust spots in the paint.
The engine is a 350/350 backed up with a th400 tranny.
The interior is pretty sad brown, I am changing to a Gun metal grey. I am going to prime next week, weather permitting and paint it Compitition Orange with maybe some Ice White and candy chrome blue pin stripes.
This is my first Elky but I have aways wanted one. I am looking for a blower for this as well as going to replace the top end for about 410 horses.
There is a tub in the future for this Elky, because if you are gonna go, you might as well go hard and with style.


Specs for “Bandito IV”

Being from MN it had some rust damage requiring replace of the trunk floor pan and a few very small hole under the drivers feet area. One dent was found in the floor pan where the driveshaft had got loose before having the required driveshaft loop added. These areas have been corrected once years of dirt, rubber and under coating was removed with media blasting.

Taking the car from its earlier technology to today's standards included suspension changes and the installation of a Cal Trac system with mono springs moved inward to make room for larger width tires. This meant mini tubs had to be built in as well as a firewall between the passenger compartment and trunk for the battery and fuel cell.

Car testing in Denver CO at Bandimere's Speedway - now in NHRA Pro ET, with corrected altitude of 8,750' - ET's in the low 11.80's @ 116.00's for 2005.

With the upgrading to today's tech knowledge completed the vehicle is ready for fine tuning of motor, suspension and driver duties to make car perform as it has in past years.

This has turned out to be more expensive than originally planned on when purchased. Be aware of what you are buying when looking at a used vehicle.

In the case of this race car the history of the vehicle's activity for the number of years run in competition should have been a warning of parts being stressed or just worn out.

Car testing in Denver CO at Bandimere's Speedway - now in NHRA PRO ET, with corrected altitude of 8,750' - ET's in the high 11.60's @ 116.00's for 2006.
When purchased the car's weight was 3425 lb. w/o driver, after rebuild & upgrades it sits at 3125 lb. w/o driver. This is an all steel car with only a fiberglass hood, pretty light for a NHRA/IHRA/NMCA legal E-Body street car.

Specs for “Elky”

1983 Chev El Camino
SS Clone(when I'm done)
Edlebrock performer intake, carb and matched rv cam.
2.02 / 1.65 heads(not double hump)
10:1 baker pistons
Rhodes rockers and lifters
Th 400 auto trans
S-10 wheels(lookin to change)
stock everything else


Factory Options for “Bandito IV”


This car came from MN, yes there was rust problems 1@#$%^ We ended up with a complete tear down and restoration that cost more than I wanted to spend, once started you can't look at costs. This was a complete restoration and updating of this vehicle, "Holeshot Automotive" left no bolt unturned, everything was taken apart cleaned, repaired or replaced. $$$$$$

Factory Options for “Elky”

stock everything


Mods for “Bandito IV”

MOTOR: 340 in small block Mopar.
Block: Mopar “R3” race block with 2 bolt Billet caps.
Deck Height: 9.00”
Bore: 4.070”
Stroke: 3.31”
Crank: Mopar steel
Rods: GRP aluminum rods, ARP 2000 cap screws
Pistons: JE forged, 13.2-1 comp. - .030 over - Tool steel pins.
Rings: C&A file fit
Oil Pan: Milodon 7 Qt
Oil Pump: Melling
Pickup: Milodon
Damper: Fluidamper
Balance: Internal
Camshaft: Comp Cams #CRS 310C-R6
Lifters: Comp Cams roller lifters
Pushrods: Custom
Timing Chain: Gear drive
Timing Cover: Mopar
Water Pump: Moroso Electric
Head Gaskets: Fel Pro 1008
Cylinder Heads: Mopar W2 (ported & polished)
Valve Springs: Comp Cams
Retainers: CV Products Chrome Moly
Locks: CV Products Chrome Moly
Seals: Fel Pro 11/32” Rubber
Seat Cups: None
Rocker Arms: Comp Cams Pro S. Steel 1.5:1
Valve Covers: Mopar Cast Aluminum
Intake Manifold: Victor W2 Single Plane
Manifold Gaskets: Mr. Gasket Ultra seal
Carburetor: B.G. Race Demon / 775 cfm w/slvs
Distributor: MSD Distributor / 6-AL ignition with 2 step system

Mods for “Elky”

Not a lot yet, just the engine mods, which were already done
I plan on major body mods in the future, to include a supercharger, tubs, a front nose body kit, lookin at some lambo doors for it, as well as a split hood and tonoue cover.
We'll see


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