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1973 Datsun 240Z

“Old School Z”

1981 Mazda RX-7 Series 2

“Mazda Rx7 S2”

Photo of: 1973 Datsun 240Z
Photo of: 1981 Mazda RX-7

No longer owned


Head to Head


About “Old School Z”

I bought my Z on e-bay in the Spring of 2002. She was a 1-owner car from Tennessee, with very little rust but a faded repaint. I got her roadworthy over the course of the next 2 summers, then started the process of "refreshing" her - a metal-up repaint.
It took about 18 months to take the body panels off, strip the outer shell of paint, strip all the removed panels, primer, jamb, hang panels and paint then car, with a week or two of re-assembly (weatherstripping, glass, lights, etc.) It was a lot of hard work, I learned a lot, and was very happy with the end result considering it was my first attempt at anything like this.
In Spring of 2007 I added the side stripe kit to complete that "old school 70's look" and I think they really set off the wheels.
The wheels have their own story: In 2002, I was looking for a set of slotted aluminum mags that were commonly added to 240's by dealers before they left the lot. I saw these turbine-style Shelby Cobra on e-bay and got them for a steal. They were purchased for a 280Z in the 70's and never used. The center caps were still sealed in plastic. The wheels are stamped "Shelby Cobra" on back of the rim (maybe have a mdel # too, I can't remember right now) but I've never seen them on another Z, or any other car for that matter. They're similar to other Turbine-style wheels, but have subtle differences.

About “Mazda Rx7 S2”

I have owned this little beast since 2002. It started out life as a 12a Auto, Canary Yellow, Standard 13" rims, rust spots here and there, Dodgy interior, very dodgy stereo. How UGLY!!!!!

I started off small, Popped 2 x 8 inch subs in the boot, upgraded to a very standard cd deck.

I then brought another stereo upgrade to a mp3 player and a 15" sub.

By this time i had blown up the auto gearbox a few times so decided it was time for an update.

SOOOOO.. I threw out the 12a, the auto, the rims, the head deck (i kept the sub ;) ), the old exhaust, the seats, and tranfered into her the info in the specs section.

Once the main transplant was finished, i ran her on the first ever Ipswich Rotor Crew Dyno Day and took out first place in the 13b NA category.

I have just sold the vehicle to my sister in law, so that i still have access to it and get to still drive her and so i dont lose money on her.


Specs for “Old School Z”

2.4 L inline 6
Twin Hitachi SU carbs
4-speed standard tranny

Specs for “Mazda Rx7 S2”

o- RX5 13B block
o- Race Bridgeport
o- 3mm Carbin Apex Seals
o- 55mm Throttle Bodies
o- Injection Perfection Manifold
o- 4x 550cc Injectors
o- LT10 Microtech
o- CAS and Bosch Coils
o- 12A Turbo Gearbox
o- Custom Gearbox Mounts
o- Custom Tailshaft


Factory Options for “Old School Z”

Dealer-added A/C (removed by original owner, but I have the parts)

Factory Options for “Mazda Rx7 S2”

All factory options have gone.


Mods for “Old School Z”

Sunroof (installed by original owner)
Tokico HP struts and springs
260Z rear sway bar
MSA tension/compresson rod kit
MSA 6-into-1 header
Pertonix Ignitor ignition module
Pertonix Flamethrower II coil
Shelby Cobra wheels
Firestone FireHawk tires
Alpine head unit w/Kenwood 6x9 rear speakers, custom kick panels w/Infiniti 6.5 speakers up front
metal-up re-paint

Mods for “Mazda Rx7 S2”

o- 17" Tempest Rims
o- Custom Dual 2.5" runners to the diff, 3" over the diff, Dump Pipe Muffler.
o- Woodgrain Steering wheel, handbrake lever, Gear shift knob[
o- Pioneer TV screen with in built DVD, 15" sub, 2 x (6x9s), splits. Including Pioneer IPod Adapter.
o- Cadence Amp
o- Recaro Rally seats.
o- Cobalt Tacho, Air fuel ratio, Water Temp Gauges.
o- Custom door cards


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