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Logan, Utah
United States


1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS


1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

“Rolling Sunset”

Photo of: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
Photo of: 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

No longer owned


Head to Head



Early wedding present! (He forgot about my wedding present.) I purchased this car for my husband about 6 months before we got married. All I kept hearing was I want a 70 Chevelle. We found this in the Indiana Auto and RV after months of looking. Loaded the trailer on the back of the truck, I grabbed a book and my laptop. We left early saturday morning and we were off for Michigan. 300 miles each way. We got to the guys house, and there wasn't one or two cars, there was way more, he had a big barn/garage with more in it. He said his wife told him they had to go. $6,000 and the Chevelle was being loaded onto the trailer. As they talk the info comes out this had been a drug siezed car. All of the work had been done except for the interior. Which isn't all that bad.

I helped pick out the seat covers that are in it. Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote. He doesn't know yet even after the new interior those seatcovers stay in the car. For his birthday the boys (both teens) talked me into giving them money for a Wile E Coyote stuffed animal to sit in the back seat. My husband seat belted it in.

I named the car "The Bitch" even though he says it is a boy because SHE gets more attention. He is nicer to HER. He talks to the stupid car.

About “Rolling Sunset”

When i was 5 my dad had a Monte Carlo and when he would get drunk he would let me drive and he would work the pedals i would steer. Since Then i have always wanted a Monte Carlo. this car is very special to me this is one of my dream lowRiders


Specs for “THE BITCH”

V8 402, 350 horsepower. I do want to state that this car does not go to the drag strip. For now that isn't an option for it. Dont know anything else about it. If you want to know feel free to ask and I can ask him.

Specs for “Rolling Sunset”

Dont know how many horses are in the engine it has a 4.3 fuel injected 6Cyl. two door front and rear bench seats. it is the base model so it doesn't have a lot of things Yet....


Factory Options for “THE BITCH”

Had air but has been removed. Power steering, power brakes, console automatic, working cowl induction hood.

Factory Options for “Rolling Sunset”

The base model Sport Coupe was still available with the same general body panels that it had since 1981, but featured new "aero" side mirrors similar to those on Camaros and Corvettes of the 1980s


Mods for “THE BITCH”

Custom paint: Med Grey with Black racing stripes. Elderbrock carburator.

Mods for “Rolling Sunset”

My mods so far are a Pioneer Cd Player, and alpine amp 1000w and two 10-inch Roxford Fosgate subs in a sealed box. I have no Trunk space at all in fron of the Subs i have Three shorty's Hydraulics Pumps with 3 batteries 3 more to come car has Side To Side Front to Back 3 wheel pancake


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