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Beaver, West Virginia
United States

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Hugo, Oklahoma
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1945 P-51 Mustang

“Double Trouble”

2005 Classified F117 Night Hawk

“F117 Night Hawk”

Photo of: 1945 P-51 Mustang
Photo of: 2005 Classified F117 Night Hawk

Head to Head


About “Double Trouble”

I wish I own this Bird!! This is a dream come true, This was my first time standing before one of the most awesome fighters of all time!! The photo says it all P-51 Mustang!!

About “F117 Night Hawk”

My hard earned tax dollars at work


Specs for “Double Trouble”

No specifications listed.

Specs for “F117 Night Hawk”

Type: 'stealthy' attack warplane
Max Speed: 550 kt/646 mph
Max Range: 1,112 km / 691 miles
Dimensions: span 13.20 m / 43 ft 4 in length 20.08 m / 65 ft 11 in height 3.78 m / 12 ft 5 in
Weight: empty 13,608 kg / 30,000 lb max. take-off 23,814 kg / 52,500 lb
Powerplant: two 4899-kg (10,800-lb) dry thrust General Electric F404-GE-F1D2 turbofans
Armament: provision for 2268 kg (5,000 Ib) of disposable stores carried in a lower-fuselage weapon bay; standard weapons are the AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missile, AGM-65 Maverick ASM. GBU-19 and GBU-27 optronically guided bombs, BLU-109 laser-guided bomb, and B61 free-fall nuclear bomb


Factory Options for “Double Trouble”

No factory options listed.

Factory Options for “F117 Night Hawk”

No factory options listed.


Mods for “Double Trouble”

No modifications listed.

Mods for “F117 Night Hawk”

No modifications listed.


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