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2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS


2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4

“mopar madness”

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Photo of: 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4

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About “"Bud"”

In late 2005, I decided that I didn't want to subject my '66 Corvair daily driver to another winter of Pennsylvania road salt. Its floors had virtually no rust, just a little surface rust, and I wanted to keep it that way! GM was having one of its rebate promos, so I checked into how much a Cobalt would cost. The local dealers (I have three within 10 minutes!) all came in too high, but there was one about ten miles away that quoted me a price that was just too good to pass up. They pitched me the SS, with the equipment I wanted, cheaper than one of the other dealers quoted me on am LT!
I call it "Bud" because I'm a big NASCAR fan, especially the Earnhardts. Dale Earnhardt was, is, and always will be THE MAN! Dale, Jr. is currently my driver, because, after all, he is his father's son. Now, at the time, JR. drove a red Chevy SS with "Bud" painted across the hood. What else am I going to call MY red Chevy SS? (I have no plans to repaint it in his current colors!)
And for all you other NASCAR fans out there, I'm open to guesses as to what Bud's license plate "BOOG8Y 3" means.

About “mopar madness”

this is my 2004 dodge srt-4 this car is insane quick i paid in full cash $12,000 which is really cheap cause base price for a stock srt-4 is $23,000 you can get them used for $17,000-$18,000 that was the cheapest i seen then i found my baby it was sittin in some guys yard for 4 months he was hiding it so it didn't get towed cause he could not make the payments so i asked him what was owed on the car and he said $12,500 but he if you got $11,000 i will take it and the tax,tag,title was close to $1,000 so i paid $12,000 for the car total after i got my car settlement for my 1997 eclipse was and when i filled out everything the list i had on the car came out to $31,800 dollars after everything they offered me different prices
1.offer was 15,000 then 2.nd offer was $18,500 3rd offer was $22,000 dollars and i took it went and got my srt-4 and
been happy ever since i love this car you can be rolling at 50-60 and just eat the tires all the way down the street in 3rd gear with no prob this is a dangerous car for sombodys first or even a second car for some of those stupid crazy speeding through designated area with kids


Specs for “"Bud"”

171 H.P. Dual Overhead Cam 4-cylinder.
5-speed Transaxle.
0-60: About 7.5 seconds (official Timex wristwatch timing!)
Top Speed: I've had it up to an indicated 130, but I ran out of road. It still had some left in it.

Specs for “mopar madness”

2.4 litre 4-cyl Dohc turbo 5-speed
top speed-160
0-60 4.9 sec on street tires
0-60 4.6 sec on street drags
1/4 mile 12.2@112mph on street tires
1/4 mile 11.9@120mph on M/T 10" wide street drags
car weight=2800 w/o me

i really need to go with the 12" wide m/t street drags with the street tires im smoking 1st,2nd,barkin 3rd barkin 4th
and the 10"wide street drags smoking 1st,little of 2nd barkin 3rd then 4th pulls like a raped ape on cocaine maybe need to go to taller 10"wide drag then would not be using 4th gear only 1st 2nd 3rd gears then the 1/4 mile would be over by end of 3rd WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITH BETTER TIME SLIPPS IMMOKOLEE REGIONAL RACEWAY AND MOTORSPORTS PARK


Factory Options for “"Bud"”

SS Equipment package.(includes 171 HP. Ecotec 4-cylinder Engine, 5-speed manual Transaxle, Sport Front and Rear Facia,
Power Windows and Door Locks, Body Color Rear-View Mirrors
Driving Lights, Remote Trunk Release, Carpeted Floor Mats, Multi-Function Trip Computer, 17" Polished Alloy Wheels, 4- Wheel Disc Brakes)
Victory Red paint.
Charcoal Leather interior.
Heated seats.
AM/FM/XM Satellite/CD Stereo
Power Sunroof

Factory Options for “mopar madness”

dont know bought car used


Mods for “"Bud"”

None (Yet...) except a set of Falken tires - it used to corner well, now it handles like a go-kart!
I'm planning Silver Chevelle SS-style stripes and full window tint next summer.

Mods for “mopar madness”

-mopar bov
-b&m short shifter stock srt knob
-stage 1 mopar upgrade kit
-stage 1 kit includes
-larger injectors
-ecm computor program
-larger wastegate
-stage 1 badge
-Greddy turbo boost controller
-Greddy turbo timer
-PRO comp boost gauge

2-12" L7 solobaric subs
5000 watt d class earthquake amp
jvc 4" in dash tv

MORE engine MODS and body kit also rims REAL SOON TRUST ME


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