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1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza


2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Special Edition

“Red Rocket”

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Photo of: 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

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About “"Ashley"”

Back in 2000, I had the misfortune to have to take a prescription that meant I couldn't drive. I sold the daily car I had at that point (one plain-Jane black 5-speed Cavalier coupe - a transportation appliance at best). A couple of years went by, and I changed doctors. The new guy prescribed something different for my condition, so I needed wheels once again. I could: A) spend $4,500 on a cheap used car that would just blend into the woodwork or, B) Find a really decent Corvair set up the way I like it. Now THAT car doesn't blend in. I found this '66 Corvair in Denver, CO, on eBay. The engine had been rebuilt by a nationally-known Corvair specialist shortly before the previous owner put it into storage for about ten years. It came out of the rebuild capable of putting 220 horsepower down to the pavement. Not bad for 164 unblown, carbureted cubic inches! It also had new tires all around. I won the auction, and flew out with my wife to drive it home. A fantastic road trip, and it cost half as much as shipping it would have. It became my daily driver for the next three years, until, in late '05, I had it in for state inspection at a friends Corvair restoration shop. While it was up on the lift, I got to see just how little rust the car had underneath. I decided at that point that it had seen its last winter of Pennsylvania road salt! It is now my nice spring day car, and a pleasure to drive. It still draws attention wherever I go with it.

UPDATE: I had to sell my beloved Ashley in August of 2009 due to the nation's lousy economy. My overtime had gone away and and my wife lost her job due to a work-related disability that they refused to accept responsibility for, so we just couldn't justify the expense of nearly $100/month to insure the third car in a two-driver household. Our mortgage was a couple of months behind, so sadly I took a friend up on his standing offer on her. As promised, he has given her the complete cosmetic restoration she so badly deserved. Of course, she didn't need anything mechanically - I always kept her up 100% mechanically. Furthermore, he gave me right of first refusal, so if he should ever decide to sell her, I get the first opportunity to buy her back.

About “Red Rocket”

I used to own a 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34. Unfortunately, I was involved in a really bad accident which totaled the Monte and then some.

Temporarily I was forced to putt around in a Saturn wagon until I found a suitable replacement vehicle. Every day on my way to work, I kept passing this used car dealership and this red Grand Prix caught my eye. Maybe it was the chrome rims, maybe it was the hood scoops which I'd never seen except on the 2002 40th anniversary models. I stopped in and asked the owner of the place what he wanted for it. He says $7000, but I was lucky that I came in when I did. He was having a mini auction at his dealership that weekend and would let me have the car for the starting bid price of $5700. I told him I'd think about it for a few days and get back to him. I figured it had been sitting on his lot for so long, if it didn't sell, he'd be desperate to get rid of it. So, the weekend came and went, car was still there, so I approached him again and said I'd offer $5000 for it. He tells me he'd split the difference at $5250. Sold.
I've driven this car all over and put plenty of miles on her. As this is being written, she's pushing 170k. It gets amazing mileage for what it is. Here's city:

and highway:

Not bad for a "grocery getter."


Specs for “"Ashley"”

1966 Corvair Monza Sport Coupe
164 C.I.D. Opposed 6-cylinder engine, air cooled.
Lemonwood Yellow paint, Black interior

Specs for “Red Rocket”

The engine is a Supercharged 3.8 V6 code L67.No major mods to it save for a high flow catalytic converter, cat-back exhaust, MSD coils, a reflashed PCM, and a cone air filter. I estimate the horsepower at the crank is probably around 250ish. Torque, maybe 285. I've had it up to 119 before, and I know it's got more in her.


Factory Options for “"Ashley"”

(All options verified by build sheet)
140 horsepower, 4 carb engine
4-speed transaxle
Posi rear
Sport Suspension
"Mag-Style" full wheel covers
AM pushbutton radio

Factory Options for “Red Rocket”

This thing, being a special edition, is loaded with all the options from factory. One peculiar thing though is when I did a VIN inquiry, I found out that it has the soft ride suspension, code FE1. Before this I believed all GTPs had the firmer FE3 suspension. It has full leather interior with leather door inserts, a power moonroof, 4 way adjustable power driver's seat with seat heater, dual zone climate control, heads up display, and CD player, which I have swapped out for an Alpine unit.


Mods for “"Ashley"”

Engine rebuilt to Yenko Stinger Stage III specs - 220 net horsepower.
Suspension lowered 1 coil.
Gas shocks
Steering Dampener
Low-restriction intake and exhaust.
Full window tint.
Tail panel painted silver (like the factory did with the Corvair Corsa model).
AM/FM/CD/Stereo unit mounted under the dash - NO holes cut or drilled for the installation!
Additional gauges (Tachometer, Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature)
Pennsylvania Vanity Plate "CORVA1R"

Mods for “Red Rocket”

M-B Drifter 16" rims

High output fog lights

GMParts Cat-back, and Random Technologies high flow catalytic converter


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