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Paoli, Pennsylvania
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Waukesha, Wisconsin
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2008 Mazda MX-5

“Peter Pan”

1977 Dodge Aspen R/T Superpak

“Bad Aspen”

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About “Peter Pan”

This car is my favorite playtoy! Peter Pan takes Tinkerbell wherever she wants to go. On sunny summer days, he helps me with my suntan, and we turn heads wherever we go.

About “Bad Aspen”

This vehicle was purchased in 1977 from Guptills Dodge in Horicon, WI. The previous owner took very good care of it. He traded it in for a mini van. I am the second owner. I bought this car after I was out of High School.
The only flaw was a broken flare on the front spoiler. I upgraded the tires, ignition wires and radio (still have the original). I kept the Stewart Warner tach that came with the car too. It seemed to fit the car.
Every weekend I would clean the car and go cruising. If the scene died down in my home town, I would go to Fond Du Lac or Madison. The girls loved it and had a few street races in it. That fun lasted for about 7 years. Then an ex-girlfriend tried to "scare" me. She drove her vehicle in my direction while I was sitting in it. She turned at the last second. She was going pretty fast and slid into my rear quarter panel.
That started a rebuild that has lasted 13 years. I had to put the project on hold now and again. It has been rewarding and difficult. Parts have been hard to find but I fired the engine up recently. I finally can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Specs for “Peter Pan”

No specifications listed.

Specs for “Bad Aspen”

The car started out with a 318-2bbl. It has an A833 4 speed OD transmission. The rear end is a 8 1/4 SureGrip with 3.23 gears. In original form, the car had approximatley 180hp. Ouput is now about 325hp with the modifications done to the engine.


Factory Options for “Peter Pan”

No factory options listed.

Factory Options for “Bad Aspen”

This car wasn't ordered with a lot of extras. It came with rally wheels and the Superpak option. The Superpak option had the car come in Black Sunfire metallic paint with a red/orange stripe. Also with the package was a blacked out grill, three piece front spoiler, wheel flares, quarter window louvers, and a one piece rear spoiler.


Mods for “Peter Pan”

No modifications listed.

Mods for “Bad Aspen”

I started with going.030 over with the block. One of the cylinder walls had some damage. I'm still using the stock crankshaft, had the rods reconditioned and bought forged pistons.
For the cylinder heads, I am using a set from a '88 Dodge Ram. They now have 2.02/1.60 stainless valves and heavy duty springs.
I chose a Crane camshaft, a little hotter than stock. Lift is .467/.494 and duration is 278/290 degree. The intake is an open plane Weiand, topped with 750 cfm Holley. I rebuilt the stock electronic distributor. The ignition wires are 8mm MSD's and the ignition coil is an Accel Super Stock.
I left the transmission and the differential pretty much stock. Just freshened them up with a rebuild.


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