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1942 Dodge Convertible Custom

“Rag Doll”

1958 Chevrolet Impala

“58 ragtop”

Photo of: 1942 Dodge Convertible
Photo of: 1958 Chevrolet Impala

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About “Rag Doll”

Just as I was completing my 1st restoration (my 42 Dodge 4 door), when I said to my wife, "if I ever do this again, I'ld like to do a convertible". I went downstairs to my computer to search for 42 Dodge spare parts. The first thing that popped up on the screen was a 1942 Dodge Convertible. It was an omen.

I never really thought I would find one, let alone in such remarkable condition.

Last driven in 1954 it originally belonged to a saleman. It broke down in rural Pennsylvania where it was purchased by one of the locals. He had planned to fix it up.

A few years it was sold and put in a barn as a future project. It was amazing how many projects that barn held. Unfortunately most never completed, however they were well protected.

After many emails and conversations, on April 1st of 2001, I was told it was mine. I just wasn't sure if they were kidding.

A few weeks later we had it home.

I'm still amazed at the wonderful condition of the car for its' age. We tinkered with it and got it running but I decided to just start disassembling it for restoration instead of messing around.

It is a work in progress. It will be a dream come true when it is complete.

Only 1185 Dodge rag tops were made for 1942. I know of 5 and possibly a 6th.

It will be a real Doll when it's done. A real Rag Doll.

About “58 ragtop”

My love of 58 Impala's starts in the early 60's when I saw a Red/red interior Impala convertible cruising around my home town of Waynesboro, PA. No other production car (in my opinion) Has the styling,clean lines and sculptures to match. GM built a one year American Beauty!
When I saw a cashmere blue 58 Impala 348/3x2's 3sp for sale in 1966, (I was 17 at the time,) I bought it. My driver at that time was a nice 1948 Buick Super 2 dr, straight 8, 3sp. No cruiser! not cool then!! but , boy... wish I had that car back!!! Getting back to the 58, It was fast... and loud... and wet! oh... with the top down... in the rain....or in the car wash... We have a lot of good memories. That car was sold and replaced with a family sedan,you got to do what you got to do! The rest of the story restarts in 1995, after 3 kids are out of the nest. I start looking for another 58 Impala, Frustrated after not finding a nice driver, I find a 64 Impala- at a public auction- and got it. 3 years later, I found a nice black 58 Impala convertible that Diana and I enjoyed cruising in. In 2003 I started a body off the frame complete restoration. Today (Feb 2008) the car is nearly complete and We are anxious to cruise,once again in a 58 Impala,Top Down...Loud...Cool....but no car washes or road racing![img][/img]


Specs for “Rag Doll”

230 CU. IN L-Head 6 Cylinder
Single Barrel Down-Draft Carburetor
105 HP
Automatic-Electric Choke
3 Speed Fluid Drive Transmission
Hydraulic Brakes
Independent Front Suspension
Leaf Spring Rear Suspension
Hydraulic, Telescopic Double Action Shocks
Electric Windshield Wipers
Color: Black with Tan top
Interior: Red Leather
Vehicle Weight: 3,476lbs.
Production: 1,185 (Custom Convertible)
Model Number: D-22
0-60: Possible

Specs for “58 ragtop”

1958 Chevrolet Impala convertible, Black, red interior, 348,3/2's 4 sp,336 rear, front disk brakes, radial wide white wall tires, chrome rally 15" wheels, 605 power steering conversion, stayfast black top.Canadian built.


Factory Options for “Rag Doll”

8 Tube Radio
Electric Clock
Directional Signals
Front Bumper & Guards
Wheel Discs
Rear Bumper & Guards
Oil Filter
Fluid Drive
Cigar Lighter
Fender Skirts

Factory Options for “58 ragtop”

6 cyl- your outa their!, power glide-your outa their!,rear can stay.


Mods for “Rag Doll”

I plan to drive this and show it when I'm done so I will likely put an overdrive in this to reduce wear and tear on the engine at highway speeds.

White walls will be a must even though they were not available during the war.

I'll be using an original factory color but I have not decided if I will go back to black. The dash on the convertibles gets painted to match the exterior. The gauges are gold in color with chrome trim. I will post a color chart in the album. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Of the 5 other convertibles that I have seen pictures of, 3 are Panama Sand (one with a factory blue accent), one is Squad Red and the last one I believe will also be Squad Red.

Mods for “58 ragtop”

see specs


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