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Ottawa, Ontario


1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

“Wild Cherry”

1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

“The Beast, of Beasts.”

Photo of: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro
Photo of: 1981 Chevrolet Camaro

Head to Head


About “Wild Cherry”

A guy who works for me owns a black IROC-Z. Until he showed me his car, I wasn't really into cars at all. John's car changed all that. Within a couple of weeks, I knew I needed a hot car too. I started looking for a car that suited me, but I kept going back to John's black IROC, so that's what I decided I wanted. One day at work, he told me about an older friend of his who was selling a red IROC that he had bought brand new. He had arthritis in his knees, and it was getting worse. There was no way he could drive a stick shift car anymore. Since he hardly ever drove the car anyhow, he decided it was time to sell it. The car had been kept in a heated garage under a car cover, and never driven in rain or snow. It only had about 15,000 miles on it since new. It looked and drove like a new car. He wanted it to go to a good home, and John put in a good word for me. I don't drive it very often either - it's strictly a good weather pleasure car, just like it was for the old guy who sold it to me.

About “The Beast, of Beasts.”

There's a gearhead family that lives down the road from me and they always have something for sale. One spring over five years ago now they had a 1970 camaro for sale and I was getting closer to a position where I was eightteen and living at home saving a lot of money and what does one young kid dream of? A camaro! anyway it ended up selling but when I drove by again, another camaro was in the yard, a 1981 camaro Z/28. My room at my parents house was in the basement, and I could hear the rumble of something big tearing up the rural road outside. It wasn't until the spring following that year that I noticed the car was parked in the back yard and motionless for months, no longer did I continute to pass by and I pulled in! I asked the owners what their plans were with the car and they told me it was their son's and didn't know what his intentions were. He was looking for a new project to take on and so was I. A few weeks later the ownership was in my name and my dream had come true, I began driving it right away, but like my parents warned me, it was a money pit. In a sense though a fun money pit. I had some mechanical issues right away that I questioned what did I had got myself into, so I found myself trying to sell the one thing I worked so hard for. I don't know if I was asking too much for it personally I don't think I was but since then I spent 2 years giving it a makeover and if I must say what a makeover it was. Of course the dream never ends and neither does the money. Always another plan to achieve more horsepower, more modern stereo equipment, and a lighter chasis. I still own the car today and never plan on putting it up for sale again, then again everything has it's price!


Specs for “Wild Cherry”

Multi-Port Fuel Injected 305 V-8
5-Speed Transmission
Posi Rear

Specs for “The Beast, of Beasts.”

The 468 ci. puts roughly 450-475 HP to the ground. I've never had it dynoed but if it was I wouldn't be surprised if I gained more. Again Roughly 500+ lb. ft. of torque. The paint is RM deep opera red basecoat with a mix of copper pearl, with lots of clear! Victims to the beast: One 2008 Dodge Viper SRT, 1988 Mustang GT, 1970 Mustang Boss 429, 1998 Honda Prelude SR, and countless Honda civics! LOL


Factory Options for “Wild Cherry”

It's loaded! I don't know what was standard and what was optional on IROC-Z's. It does have T-Tops.

Factory Options for “The Beast, of Beasts.”

-Power Windows
-Power Steering
-Front, rear de-fog
-350 5-speed
-Multi-speed wipers
-Made in Ohio


Mods for “Wild Cherry”

K&N Air Filter
Flowmaster Dual Exhaust
Polished Wheels
(All mods by the original owner)

Mods for “The Beast, of Beasts.”

The powerplant is a 4 bolt main 454 bored 0.060 to 468 ci. The heads are cast iron semi-closed combustion chambers with a 3 angle valve job roller rockers and lifters and a port polish. Also a Comp. 292H which gives .555" of lift! And a low idle chunky sound. Dynomax 1 3/4 inch ceramic coated headers feed 2 1/2 inch exhaust all the way back to the flowmaster super 40's. New electric fan with dual fan, new Chevrolet chrome alternator, new GM performance gear reduction starter. It breathes through a knn air filter into a 750 double pumper holley carb through a 2 inch carburetor spacer to the edelbrock rpm air gap intake. The TH 400 backed with a b&m stage 2 shift kit, ratchet shifter and transmission cooler. Some electricals are a HEI super coil and 8.8 mm wires. I did put on competition engineering's sub-frame connectors and traction bars and anybody with an F body I would highly recommend you do the same if not taken to the next level, really helps reduce the flex in the car and almost eliminated the 2nd gear chirp by the traction bars putting everything to the ground. Autometer tachometer, with white face and blue back light. Gauge cluster inside cowl hood outside windshield, trans temp, water temp, volt meter. After market vintage seats with upper and lower lumbar supports with airbags. Panasonic cd player with blue back light. Sony x-plode 1200 watt amp with blue back light powering 2 6x9's in the back window. In the future I plan on putting tubular upper and lower control arms in to cut 100 pounds off the front, and sometime further down the road would be aluminum heads for another 15 hp and another 100 pounds less. An over drive box on the end of my transmission to add an overdrive in all short 3 gears would be nice for the highway driving. I'm likely still forgetting to mention a lot of mods but hey the project never ends, I'll keep it updated. Possibly nitrous?


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