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1995 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 LS

“Ol' Red”

1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28

“My Baby”

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Photo of: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro

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About “Ol' Red”

This is actually my second truck. I am the third owner. The first owner used it as a work truck till 1996. The second owner who i bought it from owned the truck for 14 years. He only drove the truck in the summer. He towed a little 19ft camper. It hardly ever hit the snow. It never got rained on for 14 years until I got it. But the truck was kept extremely clean. Over that 14 years the truck was babied. As you can tell by the pics. The truck got its most use in that first year. After that it was turned into a garage bum.

When I got the truck I had to put minimal money into it. The wheels were off my first truck so i was able to sell the origionals. I put a plastic bed liner in and put a chrome hitch cover on it. I put a good sum of money into taking all the dents out of the truck and having it detailed. The only other money I put into it was for cranking the torsion bars. The truck hasnt needed anything.

I use the truck for multiple things. Its mainly a daily driver. But when weather changes, work needs to be done, or a friend needs help. The truck turns into something other than a driver. The Nebraska winters can change with the turn of the key. I really put the truck to work this winter. It was plowing through 10+ inches of snow. Putting on the new wheels and tires helped. The Wrangler ATS's performed great. But the truck has all the power needed. Put the pedal down and you can burn all four wheels. The truck also is the first pick for picking up lumber from hardware stores or anything else. You can load this truck down and still get that great response when you step on the pedal. Also with my friends driving cars the last winter I got the calls. The truck is a great puller. Slap a strap and the truck does all the work. When you show up with this truck to pull someone out they like it. They get pulled in style. But when push comes to shove this truck is the first choice for work.

This truck also pulls the many toys we have. It tows a trailer with a couple dirtbikes and a quad to a 20ft ski boat with ease. This thing will haul everything. It has an extra leaf spring on each side (not factory) and a heavy duty hitch. This truck will get the job done right. This truck can get you out of sticky situations fast. Especially while pulling a trailer. We towed a trailer down a minimum maintence road in the rain and mud. The truck kept going. Mossy boat ramps dont stop this thing either. Does just as good as my dads 3/4ton. But all in all you can throw whatever you want on the back of Ol' Red and it will pull it.

The best part of this truck is its my trophy winner. It has won me multiple trophies. I started showing it a couple weeks after I got it and has been put up against new camaros and mustangs and suprisingly i have won.

Now thats what i call a truck.

About “My Baby”

Oh boy the story behind this one. Well it was spring 2005 and I was cruisin around ebay and I had a little bit of money in the bank to piss away so I figured well I'll see what the camaros are goin for. More importantly the IROCs. This one was basically a luck of the draw. I found her in Oneida NY for (when it was all said and done) 1700 bucks, but she needed some serious help. The body was in some pretty rough shape underneath. For 1700 bucks though and a camaro, but not just any run of the mill camaro an IROC-Z. I was just nicely born in 85 when they came out, but i'm sure some you older guys and gals on here remebered the buzz about the new camaro. Just like the buzz right now about the 2009 LS2 450 horse beast chevy will be releasing on the streets. Well from the research I've done and what I have been told I've learned that the IROCs were the car that every 16-18 year old high school kid dreamed about having. And just to track off on a different note for a second for those of you that dont know what IROC stands for its "the International Race Of Champions". Well knowing this and remembering seeing one in Cortland NY one day when i was about 9 or 10 I decided right there if I ever got the chance of having one I'd grab it in a heart beat. Needless to say 11-12 years later I got one. And I'll be the first to say she ain't no SEMA award winner. She has her flaws, I mean for God's sake she's gonna be 21 in July and been in central NY all of her life. Just by looking at the floor in her, she has definitely seen a salty winter or two (not since I've had her though). Ok, 1700 bucks is what i got the car for after 18 layers of bulls*#t from the seller (who was not the owner). When I got her the crossmember mount to the trany on the left side was completely gone (rotted out) and the holes in the floor were very unsightly. So with help from my dad we welded up the floor and built a whole new trany mount for it, and very recently I just completed the rear patch work. This is not going to stay that way, it will be fixed right I just cant afford it right now. What can I say its got 145k miles on it. But it still runs beautifully, fires the first time. She has some oil burn off when it first starts but that is GM, just about every single GM small block V8 that I know of after about 90k-120k the valve seals in the heads start wearin and lets oil drain into the engine, but after it starts it burns off and its fine. My plans for this are to keep it mainly stock for the most part maybe some minor hp jumps and some other performance wise modifications but nothing outrageous. They only made about 194k of these in the 5 years Chevy ran 'em and take away the ones that have been wrecked, fire damage, rusted out, stolen you might be lookin at maybe, and I mean maybe half of them left. So the more stock I keep it the more that value jumps up. I might jump to a 350 TPI instead of a 305 but no final decision has been made in that area. If anyone has any questions about my particular piece of history just ask me. Or you can just go to any search engine and type in IROC-Z Camaro and you get a more results and info on it then you could ever imagine. The best thing is just ask an IROC owner near you and I'm sure like me they have done they're research, if not THEY NEED TO! Well drop a line to me and I can tell ya more about her and the Beretta too if ya want. Just ask...


Specs for “Ol' Red”

Extended Cab. 5.7L/350. 265hp 295ft lbs of torque. Top speed of 107. Towing capacity of 9000lbs, 3.42 gears, 17in wheels, 265/70/17 Goodyear Wrangler ATS, 4sp auto.

Specs for “My Baby”

Engine: 305ci TPI 5.0L V8 ~220hp and ~300ft. lbs. of torque (she's 20 years old, could be less due to bein an old engine)
Trans: 700R4 4 speed automatic OD
RWD 3.73 Posi rear
IROC suspension from factory
Falkin 245/50/ZR16 Ziexs
Dual exhaust (from Muffler)
Dynomax perfomance Muffler
4" tips out back of car (put on today 5/22/08)
front disc brakes/rear drums
Sound system: JVC Kamelion head unit, Legacy 2.5 Farad capacitor, Blue Pyramid 1000w 4.1 channel amp pushing 2 12" Audiobahn subs 400w a piece. Then 2 6x9 (cant remeber brand jensons maybe?) also 400w a piece...the subs, capacitor and amp arent in the car yet due to a new box needs to be fabricated (to fit the rear seat section), and wires need to be run under the carpet.

I've had it to 130mph, not really sure if it would go any faster due to cops liking I81. But I have heard of these things hitting 150-160 (with motor modifications and normally with the 350).


Factory Options for “Ol' Red”

Z71, tow package. Skid plate package. Everything one the interior is stock except for radio. We had to replace it so its an after market one.

Factory Options for “My Baby”

IROC suspension package (lowers the IROC a 1/2 inch than the Z28, improves corning ability and handling and acceleration compared to that of the Z28)
Factory installed fog lights in intake vents in front (exclusive to IROCs from factory in which i accidently broke one of them when I was in school, moronic me)
305 TPI/700r4 4 spd auto
dual tailpipes
16" alloy 5 spoke rims
145mph speedo 7000 tach (145 speedo also exclusive to IROC-Z only)
power windows
power rear hatch


Mods for “Ol' Red”

Pendaliner bed liner, 2009 Chevy silverado 17in wheels with Goodyear Wrangler ATS tires. Magnaflow muffler, Cranked the torsion bars, JVC aftermarket CD player, Sony Speakers, Electronic trailer brake controller.

Mods for “My Baby”

Not really sure if anything has been done internally to the car, I'm the 3rd owner to it so it could be possible but unlikely, I haven't been able to look and see but this is what i do know:
K&N dual air cleners
Dynamax Performance muffler
4" Chrome tailpipes (I installed, but pictures taken before hand)
mirrored window tint half way up pass. and driv. side windows

Future mods are going to be a 383 stroker TPI, oh yeah 383 stroker TPI.....


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