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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Greenbrier Wagon

“Babe (The Blue Ox)”

1968 Oldsmobile AQC 707 toronado airport limo jetway 707 9 door


Photo of: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Greenbrier
Photo of: 1968 Oldsmobile AQC 707 toronado airport limo jetway 707 9 door

For Sale


Head to Head


About “Babe (The Blue Ox)”

(DISCLAIMER: I no longer own this car. We sold it to my wife's brother when he needed a large car for his photography business when his van died. We had three cars and only two drivers, and I wasn't really doing anything with the car at the time. I wish I had it back - It really could have been a great car if I'd been able to accomplish everything I wanted to with it. Also, all of the pictures shown with the car or in it's album were sourced from the internet and are NOT the actual car!)

My wife Rose (MAXXINE) enjoys long road trips as much as I do. Thing is, she DOES NOT like driving long distances, leaving the driving to me. Her sister fell into a deal for Lasik surgery back in 2000: $500 per eye if the patient qualified. The local eye surgeon was closer to $5,000 at the time. Rose's eyes were so bad that she had difficulty seeing the eye chart at all, let alone what letters were printed on it, without glasses. We jumped at the deal. The thing was that we live just outside Philadelphia and the surgeon who was to do the surgery was way out on Long Island - well over a hundred miles of the toughest traffic in North America. We had to make the trip several times - Pre screening, the surgery itself, post-op checkup, a 30-day checkup, and a 6-month checkup.

A short time later, she came to me with a local used-car magazine to show me a car that she thought I might like to look at. She knew my fondness for older station wagons, especially Chevelles (I had often talked about my '73 Laguna), and had come across a 1970 Chevy Greenbrier for sale at a lot down in Philly. She suggested we take a drive down there just to look at it, since even ten years ago those cars were getting to be pretty uncommon. Of course I agreed: Any excuse to go look at an interesting old car is good enough for me! When we arrived, the lot's owner and sole salesman (it was a SMALL lot) got the keys, locked up the office, and we went for a drive. I was fairly impressed with the car overall, but I thought the performance left something to be desired. It was clean and solid, though. Rose asked me if I liked it. Then came the big surprise: When I said that I did, she told me to buy it! It was her way of saying thanks for being her chauffeur for all the trips back and forth to New York.

About “THE LIMO”

thanks for all the challenges---but I need to place some better LIMO pics on the world wide web --I'm working on a car for an event rhese days BUT THE LIMO WILL BE BACK TO ANSWER YOUR CHALLENGES~~!!!

ONE OF 54--
check out the story on these COOL cars >


for more on this car

also see

This is SUCH a great car! THE LIMO makes big money hauling drunk women around during bachelorette parties --GET PAID TO GO OUT WITH WOMEN THAT WEAR BLACK MINI-SKIRTS!

THE LIMO promotes itself--pass out limo business cards when people come up to the car...park the car near the door where you have delivered the nights' fare and and many many people come up to you--TRUE SNOWBALL EFFECT--this car is too cool and it turns heads-DRUNK WOMEN LOVE THE DRIVER AND HIS CO-DRIVERMORE AND MORE AS THE NIGHT PROGRESSES---I SWEAR!!! and the 8 track & disco ball set the mood-MUSIC PLAYS A PART FOR SURE... REALLY

Would sell or possibly trade for big pontiac or muscle car or dually 1 ton GMC or CHEVY

I have two of these cars!!


Specs for “Babe (The Blue Ox)”

Being a Greenbrier, this was a relatively low-line car. There were four trim levels of Chevelle wagon in 1970 (from the bottom up): Nomad; Greenbrier; Concours; and Concours Estate. Greenbrier was roughly equivalent to the Chevelle 300 Deluxe, which had been discontinued in the regular coupe and sedan lines after 1969. The car was fairly basic, but at least the rubber "carpet" was color-keyed to the rest of the interior instead of being black like it was in the Nomad.

Basic mechanical specs:
307c.i.d. V-8 Engine (200h.p.)
2-speed Powerglide Automatic Transmission
0-60: 16 seconds
1/4 mile: ?

Specs for “THE LIMO”

28 feet-
toronado front wheel drive-


Factory Options for “Babe (The Blue Ox)”

307 c.i.d. V-8 Engine
Powerglide Automatic Transmission
3rd Row Seat (Includes Power Tailgate Window)
AM Pushbutton Single Speaker Radio
Luggage Rack
Power Steering
Power Brakes

Factory Options for “THE LIMO”

factory COOL


Mods for “Babe (The Blue Ox)”

FM Radio Converter (...and when was the last time you saw one of those - and it WORKED!)
Dealer-Installed Air Conditioning (...that DIDN'T work!)
15" Corvette Rally Wheels

Mods for “THE LIMO”

working on SIX WHEEL DISCS!!


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