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1991 toyota turcel

“the turd”

1995 Ford Taurus GL

“P.O.S. Ford”

Photo of: 1991 toyota turcel

No longer owned

Photo of: 1995 Ford Taurus

Head to Head


About “the turd”

I worked in a shop. A customer came in with this car and wanted it fixed. So I fixed the car. His bill was about 120.00 and the car sat in the lot for about a week and a half. I called him up and said you going to pay your bill and pick this car up? He said man I dont know why I put any money into that car I should have taken it to the junk yard and I said ok you bring me your keys and titel I will pay your bill. he jumped all over it brought me the keys and title with in hours. the car had 1no belt and he brove it over 50 miles to the shop with out a belt so I had to get it home. I made a belt out of zip ties and it worked and lasted about 30 miles I cramed over 700.00 into this car and 3 years later the head gasket blew out and I sold it for 100.00 this car was a champ on gas had 235,000 miles on it when i sold it and have seen it on the road about a week ago

About “P.O.S. Ford”

This was my first car. It was a hand-me-down, I was just about to get my license and my folks were looking to replace this car, so when the dealer wouldn't give my folks what they thought it was worth, they kept it and gave it to me instead. Oh Joy... Just what I always wanted - To show up at school with a Dorkmobile like this! At least it ran okay and the price was right - FREE!


Specs for “the turd”

2 door
engine size 1.5 with 82 h.p 4 speed manual

Specs for “P.O.S. Ford”

It had an engine - sort of. 0-60 in about 15 seconds, and I probably could have timed the 1/4 mile with a calendar. Horsepower - I'm not sure if it had any at all! Torque - same thing. Top speed - I saw 75 once or twice, but it started shaking at about that speed.

It was a pretty red - that's about the best thing I can say about it! It had no guts at all. It handled like a pig. It got lousy gas mileage. The seats were uncomfortable. The radio SUCKED!


Factory Options for “the turd”

sun roof. this car was about as plain jane as it gets

Factory Options for “P.O.S. Ford”

Looks only a mother could love - if she were half blind (Oh, that was standard for a Taurus wagon!) Power windows, locks and seat that actually worked some of the time.


Mods for “the turd”

some crap A$$ rims loud exhaust and tinted windows lame
I also hack sawed the shifting arm for a shorter throw

Mods for “P.O.S. Ford”

I didn't bother...


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