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Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
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1980 Honda Accord LX


1991 Hyundai Excel L

“My First Car”

Photo of: 1980 Honda Accord
Photo of: 1991 Hyundai Excel

No longer owned


Head to Head


About “Farley”

(Disclaimer: The photo IS NOT THE ACTUAL CAR! I'm using one I found online to show what the car looked like.)

After I had my Pacer for a couple of years, I just got tired of poor performance and poor mileage in a car that looked like a bright red fishbowl and pretty much handled like one, too. The Chevy agency had just taken this Accord in trade, and since I had worked at a Honda dealer back when the car was new I was familiar with them and knew Iliked them. I managed to buy it on payroll deduction for a grand total of $1,000. Just try to buy a 5 year old, 60,000 mile, stick shift Honda with new inspection and nearly new tires for $1,000 today... Right, ain't gonna happen! Best of all, I sold the Pacer to a co-worker for $750, and it needed a clutch!

About “My First Car”

This is my first car. I was looking forever on craigslist for a cheap car. i didn't care what or if it ran. i found this under hyundai and saw it was located not even 3 miles away. I paid $250 for the car in August/September. it didnt run and it does need lots of work. I got it running the first time for $10.39. that was for spark plugs. As far as history goes. i know the guy was doing custom work and simple repair/rebuilds. the car is from north carolina. only rust is located in the spare tire compartment which leaks in from under the rear side window and a small bubble under tailgate. the cars biggest problem is the previous owner snapped one of the bolts that secures the fuel rail. i have rigged it to work but i want to repair it.


Specs for “Farley”

Just the basics for a 1980 Accord - a peppy 1751cc (as I recall) 4 cylinder with a 5-speed transaxle. I never formally timed it, but it was A LOT quicker than the Pacer it replaced, and 30mpg on an average tank of gas was just a bonus!

Specs for “My First Car”

Engine: ECI-Multi.(fuel injection) 1.5L SOHC 4cyl. Approx. 81hp
5 spd manual(originally automatic)
3dr Hatchback


Factory Options for “Farley”

None that I know of. As far as I know, the AM/FM radio, remote trunk release, remote gas door release, and remote back door locks (all lever operated!) were all standard.

Factory Options for “My First Car”

Tires: 175/70R-13
13" Alloy Wheels
Brakes: front disks, rear drums
Panasonic tape deck
No in-dash Tach or power steering


Mods for “Farley”

I polished it out, added a new set of trim rings to replace the originals that had a few curb scrapes, tinted the windows and laid down a set of pinstripes. That's it.

Mods for “My First Car”

Previous Owner:
primer gray w/ black lime green engine enamel paint.
Panasonic CD player: Amatuer Stereo install(bad wiring, rear spkrs don't work)
Pioneer spkrs in dash & rear deck panels,
3A Racing muffler with poor install
Grill taken from Mitsubishi
Shoulder pads on rear seatbelts
Seat cover on Passenger Seat(he ripped the driver's side cover)
Matrix Pedal set - black and blue
Driver's side rear window tinted
Roof spoiler
Removed all side trim from ext.
Smoked Taillights
My Modifications:
Tinted passenger side rear window(not perfect but better than otherside)
Small Carbon Fiber-look scoops on hood
Tach On dash.
Shift knob( Being replaced later)


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