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Norristown, Pennsylvania
United States


1995 Ford Taurus GL

“P.O.S. Ford”

1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood 700


Photo of: 1995 Ford Taurus
Photo of: 1961 Chevrolet Corvair

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About “P.O.S. Ford”

This was my first car. It was a hand-me-down, I was just about to get my license and my folks were looking to replace this car, so when the dealer wouldn't give my folks what they thought it was worth, they kept it and gave it to me instead. Oh Joy... Just what I always wanted - To show up at school with a Dorkmobile like this! At least it ran okay and the price was right - FREE!

About “Woodie”

(DISCLAIMER: The car in the picture above and all of the pictures in it's album ARE NOT the actual car! I only had the car briefly, and I don't think I ever took any pictures of it. I lost track of the car right after I sold it.)

I I had wanted a Corvair wagon ever since I realized that Chevy had made such a beast, about two months after I bought my first Corvair. I was already hooked on Corvairs by that time, and with a wife and baby, what could be more convenient than a little wagon? About six years later, I heard through a friend in the local chapter of the Corvair club that there was a decent one for sale about 25 miles from where we lived. I phoned the owner and made an appointment to go look at it that weekend. We arrived with checkbook in hand and I managed to talk the seller down from his $500 asking price to $300 - he had been trying to sell it without success for about half a year.

Flash forward a month. I had the car at a friend's place for a monthly meeting of the club and a friend of a member who was visiting from out of town saw the car... and immediately offered me $1,000 for it! Hey, I really wanted a Corvair wagon, but if I can turn a profit of 333% in just one month of owning the car, consider it SOLD!

Chevy only built them for 1 1/2 years, from the start of the 1961 model year 'til halfway through the '62 model year, when they changed over to production of the new Corvair Convertible. In total, there were just short of 30,000 built, with the majority being '61 700-Series cars like mine


Specs for “P.O.S. Ford”

It had an engine - sort of. 0-60 in about 15 seconds, and I probably could have timed the 1/4 mile with a calendar. Horsepower - I'm not sure if it had any at all! Torque - same thing. Top speed - I saw 75 once or twice, but it started shaking at about that speed.

It was a pretty red - that's about the best thing I can say about it! It had no guts at all. It handled like a pig. It got lousy gas mileage. The seats were uncomfortable. The radio SUCKED!

Specs for “Woodie”

84 Horsepower, 145 C.I.D., Horizontally Opposed 6-Cylinder Engine
Powerglide 2-speed Automatic Transaxle
0-60: Slow...
1/4 Mile: Slower...


Factory Options for “P.O.S. Ford”

Looks only a mother could love - if she were half blind (Oh, that was standard for a Taurus wagon!) Power windows, locks and seat that actually worked some of the time.

Factory Options for “Woodie”

700 Series trim, which included:
Passenger-side Sun Visor
Dual rear-seat armrests
Color-keyed rubber "Carpet"
Beltline Polished Stainless trim
Deluxe Colth Upholstery
Bright Dashboard Trim
Back-Up Lights
Two-Speed Windshield Wipers

Additional Options:
Powerglide Automatic Transaxle
Gasoline-Fired Heater
AM Pushbutton Radio
Driver's Side Door Mirror
Day/Night Rear View Mirror
Cigarette Lighter
DeLuxe Wheel Covers


Mods for “P.O.S. Ford”

I didn't bother...

Mods for “Woodie”

One really lousy repaint!


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