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1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD-455


1977 Pontiac Firebird Esprit model


Photo of: 1973 Pontiac Trans Am
Photo of: 1977 Pontiac Firebird

Head to Head


About “omega”

The last of the golden years of the original muscle cars. Ironic that Pontiac would begin and finish it. They pretty much had to sneak this engine in as the clean air act reared its ugly head. But years later muscle cars would return to full strength again

About “Rockford”

(Since this is a model car, I will only accept challenges to it with models, toys, and other "Non-Car" cars!)

As a teenager, my favorite TV show was "The Rockford Files". When my favorite car model magazine, SCALE AUTO ENTHUSIAST, announced a model contest with a movie and TV-car theme, I thought that nobody else would think to build Jim Rockford's trusty, and much-abused, Firebird... and I was right!


Specs for “omega”

No specifications listed.

Specs for “Rockford”

AMT 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1:25 scale model kit


Factory Options for “omega”

No factory options listed.

Factory Options for “Rockford”

Everything for a no-nonsense, high performance Trans Am available in 1977: The model had a 4-speed manual transmission and no A/C. However, it did have T-tops...


Mods for “omega”

No modifications listed.

Mods for “Rockford”

I had to perform a full conversion from a T-Top equipped Trans Am to a solid-roof Esprit. I filled the T-Tops and the shaker scoop hole in the hood and smoothed and filled the fender scoops. Since the spats and spoilers thankfully were add-on parts I didn't have a hassle deleting them. The wheels and tires were all wrong, of course: Rockford's Esprit had Rally II wheels and whitewall tires. I took those from another model I hadn't started yet, but had plans for different rolling stock for anyhow. I carefully cut the 4-speed transmission from the engine block and exchanged it for a TH-350 from the AMT 1970 Nova kit. Under the hood, I added an A/C compressor and a power steering pump and all their plumbing, as well as all the other wiring and hoses that AMT left off of it - Heater hoses, spark plug wires, heater hoses, battery cables, etc. I cut the seat backs from the cushions and hinged them. I then added sun visors, seat belts and shoulder harnesses, a turn signal stalk and full flocked carpeting. Of course I did away with the clutch pedal and converted the shifter from a stick to an automatic. The model's license plates match the California blue plates the car wore on the show. For more pictures, see my "Non-Chevy Models" album.


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