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Davison, Michigan
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1991 Chevrolet S-10


1996 Dodge Neon 4 Door

“Neon Nasty”

Photo of: 1991 Chevrolet S-10
Photo of: 1996 Dodge Neon

Head to Head


About “#Furniture”

NO LONGER OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My old work truck/beater. It was a REAL piece of crap, when I first got it. Did all the work to it the first two months I had it. It was fun as hell to drive. Had it for about 3 years and sold it. Took the money and bought a new living room set with the $1900 I got.

The way I lowered it improved the handling and weight load. Five inch drop up front. Three inch Bell Tech spindles with two inch springs. The rear was cheap as hell to drop. Three inch drop blocks, $30. Cut the rear carriage bolts. take the bottom leaf spring and flip it underside down on the top of the leaf springs. Install new carriage bolt, $.75 each. Tight them down. Cut the extra off the bolt. That gives you another three inches of drop. the benefit of this is. It increases your load weight for haulling. BUT it stiffins up the rearend greatly. The suspension was so tight and increased the handling so much. I could take cloverleaf raps/exits at 65mph with little to no body roll.





About “Neon Nasty”

I traded my Blazer project with no motor and $200 for it. It didn't run when i got it. I was getting bored of the Blazer. I get bored to quick. I received the car July 6th.

This is when i got it.
Minus the front bumper.


Specs for “#Furniture”

2.5 4 banger
5 speed

Specs for “Neon Nasty”

1996 Dodge Neon 4 door

Wheel base-104in
Weight-2285lbs cleaned out, without me, i got it weighed.

2.4L 4cyl from a stratus
Factory: 150hp 167tq
With my mods: about 170hp and 190tq (Guessing, and to the crank not whp)

Topspeed? idk, mid 5th gear? maybe 120, couldn't tell ya, i don't have a working speedo lol

Handles pretty good for a Neon with cut springs. In the 90's Neons where know for there handling.

This was the engine bay when i got it besides the intake pipe.


Factory Options for “#Furniture”

AC 2 x 60 (two windows down, 60mph)

Factory Options for “Neon Nasty”

Manual everything idk what else


Mods for “#Furniture”

Shaved tailgate with frenched lisense plate
Steel rollpan
Shaved door locks
Sport mirrors
Fullsize chevy truck bumper sectioned out to fit a S-10
Turnsignals behind front grille
Fiberglass bed cover with lock and shocks
''98 Pontiac Sunfire bucket seats
Sony CD player
JLAudio tweeters and mids
Fosgate two 12" subs
L.A.Sound amps
Custom tweeded door panels
5" drop in front 3"Bell-Tech spindes & 2' springs
6" drop in rear 3" drop blocks & rear leaf springs flipped
Monza exhaust tip(no muffler)
Bright white paint by GM
15" S-10 rims

Mods for “Neon Nasty”

2.4 DOHC Stratus motor
OBXR Long tube header
MSD Coil
2.0 ABA VW intake pipe
ATX throttle body
2.0 DOHC intake manifold
AC/PS delete
Lowered via cut springs (not my doing, previous owner did it)
And little things here and there.



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