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  • charlieoc started a blog post Dead Again

    Dead Again

    A couple of months ago I had a fuel problem that, after a great deal, was resolved by reseating the coil cable. Easy once you figure it out. Then, a couple weeks ago I took the Austin Healey out for a ride and didn't get more than 1/2 mile before it died...
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  • charlieoc started a blog post Almost Done!

    Almost Done!

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    I spent the weekend in Orlando working with Richard and Paul of Imagination Engineering putting the Healey together. We got a lot accomplished, but not everthing. Santa is supposed to deliver it to me Christmas Eve. I've added a couple new photos if you...
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  • charlieoc started a blog post It's ALIVE

    It's ALIVE

    I haven't been very good at posting information to my garage regarding my Healey or other cars, but I'll try to get better. Last week my Healey was taken for a successful test drive (posted on YouTube - see the video link in my garage). But, during the...
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  • charlieoc started a blog post Visiting the garage

    Visiting the garage

    On Friday I paid a visit to the garage doing the restoration on my Austin Healey. I was pretty disappointed in the progress they've made on the car, even though they have told me that it will be completed in the next month. While there I picked up some...
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