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  • compoman started a blog post 2012 Mustang Calendars

    2012 Mustang Calendars

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    Wow! It's been a long time since I've been here! I find I spend a huge amount of time on Facebook these days. Tons of car folks over there. I have just finished producing 5 different Mustang calendars. Here is a teaser. I'll post links through my Strong...
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  • compoman started a blog post What is a "Bobber"?

    What is a "Bobber"?

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    What, exactly is a "Bobber"? I have heard the term, "Bobber" used in reference to "Gizmoness". It gets me to wonder, what, exactly is a "Bobber"? What exactly is a "Rat Rod"? I would call "Gizmoness" a "Rat Rod", pushed to the limits. I see it is a...
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