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Reliable Ram

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Simple Upgrades For a Common Rail Daily Driver

For Cummins aficionados, first came the 12-valve, then the 24-valve, and then the common rail version of the 5.9L. Each iteration of the 5.9L was an improvement on the previous-generation’s powerplant. While there is plenty of debate in the Dodge camp as to which version of the 5.9 is most desirable, the most coveted trucks these days are the later-model Dodge with the 5.9L common rail. These trucks offer the latest in styling, plenty of room in the cab, and the fact that the common rail is very easy to modify. (more…)

Fueling for More Power

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Our Project 2nd Gen, a 24-valve daily driver Dodge, is coming along nicely. Now, we turn up the heat with an upgraded fuel system and state-of-the-art tuner.

For those of you who just tuned in, Project 2nd Gen is our 1999 Dodge 2500 with a 24-valve Cummins. The object of the build is to put together a reliable daily driver we can still have fun with at the dragstrip and will offer sold towing performance without breaking the bank. (more…)

When a Hot Rodder Goes Diesel

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The age-old adage that “old hot rodders never die; they just get older” couldn’t be more true, especially if you ask Larry Maupin, of Dallas, Texas. He admits that the passion that makes hot rodders automotive enthusiasts never dies but changes as we get older. More specifically, the vehicles change, but the passion to never leave them stock-still remains. (more…)

Cummins-Powered Little Red Express

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Back in the mid- to late-1970s, despite an Arab oil embargo that all but killed the muscle car market, Dodge continued to pitch new products to young buyers by recognizing their need for vehicle personalization. The “adult toy” campaign was rooted in such vehicles as the Dodge Dart Swinger and Dodge Adventurer pickup, so the company came up with limited production trucks such as the Warlock. (more…)

Maximum Traction-Nitto’s New Trail Grappler M/T

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Maximum Traction

Nitto’s New Trail Grappler M/T

It’s no secret diesels owners use their trucks. That is essentially what sets them apart from other truck enthusiasts. They use them for both work and play, and in many cases that play can including sled pulling or off-roading. To get maximum grip from a vehicle that weighs upwards of 8,000 pounds, you need a serious tire that not only has a D or E load rating, but also has the grip and stamina to handle the abuse that sled pulling and off-roading can dish out.

Nitto Tire USA has been in the truck enthusiast tire market for quite some time. It has the reputation for developing specialty niche-oriented tires to meet specific applications. Its first foray into the off-road market was its successful Terra Grappler line. A few years later, it also introduced the Mud Grappler series of tires for the hard-core off-roader.


Project Low-Buck 12-Valve: Part 2

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Project Low-Buck 12-Valve: Part 2

Inspecting and Servicing Our First-Gen Dodge

By Kevin Wilson

Photography: Terry DeLong

Back in our November issue, we introduced Project Low Buck, a first-gen Dodge D-350 4×4 that was found sitting idle out in a farm field. The truck was parked after a front-end crash that damaged the bumper, grille and left-front fender. The new owner picked it up for $1,500 and was able to drive it away after putting in two new batteries and a fresh load of diesel fuel.

Once back at his garage/shop, the new owner slapped on a $400 junkyard front clip, which included both front fenders, a broken grille and hood. He also added a refurbished brass radiator that cost him an additional $125. From that point, the Dodge 4×4 was pressed into service as primary winter transportation and the family workhorse.


Marine One-For Love of Country, Family and Diesel

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Marine One

For Love of Country, Family and Diesel

By Kevin Wilson

Photography: Kevin Wilson

The Few. The Proud. The Marines. We’ve all heard the recruiting slogans and have seen the commercials, but how many of us actually know a marine? They come from all across the country and in civilian life, they were just the kid who grew up next door. Chances are you’ve run into a marine in your travels. Tack-sharp uniform; spit-shined shoes; waiting at the airport to get on a plane to who knows where. Makes you wonder, “Are they flying home to loved ones or heading into harm’s way?” Many of us make it a point to shake that soldier’s hand and thank him for his service, or buy him a cup of coffee or breakfast anonymously.


Cummins Consultant

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Cummins Consultant

A Work Truck-Turned-Quarter-Mile Monster

By: Chris Neprasch

Photos: Chris Neprasch

When Devon Evans bought his ’05 Ram 2500, he had no intentions of bombing it. He didn’t even know what bombing meant, nor did he have the first clue on what diesel performance modifications were available; it was supposed to be a work truck for his commercial and oil field consulting company, Evans Consulting. For eight months, the truck remained stock as it took Devon around the province of Alberta.

One day, Devon was merging onto the highway when a big black dually passed him and his Dodge like they were standing still. That black dually was covered in NADP logos. The next day, Devon was busy installing an exhaust system and cold-air intake on the Dodge, which lasted about a month. This time, it was a gray Dodge that left him in the dust as soon as the stoplight hit green. The silver truck also had NADP stickers and Devon had enough; he called the number on the Dodge and demanded his truck perform better.