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Cummins Consultant

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Cummins Consultant

A Work Truck-Turned-Quarter-Mile Monster

By: Chris Neprasch

Photos: Chris Neprasch

When Devon Evans bought his ’05 Ram 2500, he had no intentions of bombing it. He didn’t even know what bombing meant, nor did he have the first clue on what diesel performance modifications were available; it was supposed to be a work truck for his commercial and oil field consulting company, Evans Consulting. For eight months, the truck remained stock as it took Devon around the province of Alberta.

One day, Devon was merging onto the highway when a big black dually passed him and his Dodge like they were standing still. That black dually was covered in NADP logos. The next day, Devon was busy installing an exhaust system and cold-air intake on the Dodge, which lasted about a month. This time, it was a gray Dodge that left him in the dust as soon as the stoplight hit green. The silver truck also had NADP stickers and Devon had enough; he called the number on the Dodge and demanded his truck perform better.