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Slip-Slidin’ Away: BD’s A-518 Trans Upgrades

Monday, June 13th, 2011

While it ain’t much to look at here, our Project 1st Gen is well on its way to becoming a great daily driver and possibly even a Diesel World cover truck.

Diesel World’s Project First Gen field find has been a slow work-in-progress. The truck is being used as a teaching tool for a vocational paint and body school, and based on what you can see here, there was plenty of work for the students to accomplish. With the truck in the paint booth for prep and paint, we figured it was a good time to address some of the mechanical issues on the truck––namely the well-worn automatic transmission––before we turn up the power on the 12-valve. (more…)

Differential Cover/Transmission Pan Buyers Guide

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

One of the easiest and best upgrades that can be made to a truck is to replace the stock differential cover and transmission pan with an aftermarket unit. The stock units are usually made from pressed/formed sheet metal, so they don’t really absorb damage well; and they are suited to meet the specs layed down by the OEM engineers––which means they only hold the bare minimum of fluid deemed necessary to do the job. (more…)