NADM East Coast Nationals

November 16th, 2011

Text and Photos by Kevin Wilson

Huge Turnout At Third Annual Event

The rolling hills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania have long been the place to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. The fresh air and green trees are a stark contrast to the concrete jungle of the city. The Poconos are also home to one of NASCAR’s biggest racetracks, and there are plenty of places to get away for the weekend.

These mountains have also become a haven for diesel enthusiasts in the Northeast. Each year, they flock to the little town of Numidia for a full-on diesel festival that could probably be called the Woodstock of the diesel event circuit. NADM has hosted the East Coast Nationals for the past three years, and the fruits of their consistency paid off in spades July 16th with a huge crowd of spectators, as well as the participants.

The trucks started pouring into Numidia Dragway early and were still rolling in during the afternoon. According to NADM, the event attracted a record 3,500 fans, who lined up in their own rigs along both the quarter-mile and sled-pulling trucks to enjoy diesel motorsports at its best.

Approximately 200 trucks signed up to compete in both the quarter-mile competition and sled pull. Quite a few of that total also took their turns on the dyno; there was also a handful of trucks on hand for the show-and-shine competition.

Two of the fastest clean-diesel dragsters on the circuit ran early in the morning, including Wade Moody’s Duramax-powered S-10 Pro Stock pickup and the Nitrous Express Duramax rail that ran consistent passes in the eight-second range until the fuel pump gave up the ghost. The Unlimited Class heads-up drag trucks also ran impressive numbers in the nines and l0s all day.

One of the most unlikely winners of the day was Daryl Darlington’s diesel Mercedes four-door sedan. He managed a second place in the ET bracket with consistent 18-second runs. Even Daryl was surprised at the win. He commented that he had just recently bought the car and questioned whether he should come to the event.

There was also a late-model VW Jetta on hand, proving that VW’s diesel cars are getting in on the fun and make great bracket racers. They may not be fast, but they are ultra-consistent, which is the name of the game in bracket racing.
Some of the Northeast’s most powerful trucks made hooks on the sled-pulling track, which was located right next to the drag strip. Large numbers in all classes lined up to pull; most of the top pulls were from locals.

Wayne s Greier’s “Resurrected Ram” and Cliff Carnes’ “Super Street Modifieds” put on quite a show for the crowd.

Event sponsor A&A Automotive pulled out all the stops for the event. This company set up a 160-foot tent store that hosted more than 50 manufacturers who offered show bargains for the truck owners. Many of the manufacturers on hand sent representatives to talk directly to diesel enthusiasts. Other vendors included Flo-Pro Exhaust, XDP and The Little Power Shop.

For more information on next year’s gathering in the Poconos, check out NADM’s website:

Drag Racing Results

Quick Diesel
1st Karl Mireiter
2nd Steve Bohatch

ET Bracket
1st Pete Karas
2nd Daryl Darlington

Unlimited Diesel
1st Bruce Block
2nd Josh Gross

Sled Pulling Results
Work Stock Class
1] Drew Bolen  Conowingo, MA      2002 Blue Chevy 296.130 ft.
2] Ken Miller   Allenwood, PA        2007 Black Chevy 294.350 ft.
3] Tim Duck     Montgomery, PA        2004 Black Sierra 293.710 ft.
4] Mark Fessler Wamelsdorf, PA        2002 Silver GMC 292.770 ft.
5] Kenny Spencer Dover, PA        2005 Gray Duramax 292.500 ft.
6] Samuel Harris   New Paris, PA          2004 Red Duramax 292.060 ft.
7] Zaac Griffith Creekside, PA 2004 Silver GMC 290.660 ft.
8] Justin Troutman Myerstown, PA        2001 Red Chevy 287.170 ft.
9] Scott Kinnamon Sudlersville, MO      2006 White Chevy 287.060 ft.
10] Jeff Gehman Bowmansville, PA        2006 Silver GMC 286.250 ft.
Industrial Injection 2.6 Class
1] Andrew Grove            New Freedom, PA            2001 Green Dodge302.25 ft
2] Corrie Baker            Mt. Pleasant, PA            2004 Tan Chevy 301.27 ft.
3] Brian Hodecker            Boiling Springs, PA            2004 Gray Dodge 294.34 ft
4] Jeremy Urey            Brogue, PA                        2006 Gray Dodge 292.48 ft
5] Jim Varner                        Blairsmiller, PA            2005 Silver Chevy 286.21 ft.
6] Anthony Gleuci            Mayslanding, NJ            1996 Black Dodge 285.22 ft.
7] Eric George                        New Bethlehem, PA            2008 Black Ford 281.65 ft.
8] Kenneth Zimmerman Mineral Point, PA            2007 Black Dodge281.33 ft
9] Michael Paff            Nowareth, PA                        2006 Silver Dodge 279.13 ft.
10] Brandon Stern            Meyersdale, PA            Red Neck Hooker 277.05 ft.
Premier Performance 3.0 Class

1] Lamar Burkholder            Jonestown, PA            1992 Red Dodge 305.15 ft.
2] Garrett Shields            Marshfield, WI            1998 Black Dodge 303.32 ft.
3] Ian Stamy                        Mechanicsburg, PA            1995 Green Dodge 295.56 ft.
4] Dalton Senseny            Jonestown, PA            1999 Green Dodge 286.76 ft.
5] Gary Aniskar Jr.            Scranton, PA                        2007 Green Chevy 286.37 ft.
6] Dave Kratz                        Hamburg, PA                        1997 White Dodge 285.47 ft.
7] Andrew Grove            New Freedom, PA            2001 Green Dodge 284.66 ft.
8] Brian Hodecker            Boilings Springs, PA            2004 Gray Dodge 280.30 ft.
9] Merle Reiff                        Laysville, PA                        1994 Red Dodge 272.95 ft.
10] Nicholas Alberalla Pittstown, PA                        2006 Red Dodge 259.14 ft.

Super Street
1] Wayne Greier            Salem, OH                        1997 Dodge            333.24 ft.
2] Cliff Carnes            Coshocton, OH            2001 Maroon Dodge 322.88 ft.
3] Garrett Shields            Marshfield, WI            1998 Black Dodge 310.37 ft.
4] Norman Newswanger Gardners, PA            1994 Red Dodge 309.02 ft.
5] Lamar Burkholder            Jonestown, PA            1992 Red Dodge 300.65 ft
6] Ian Stamy                        Mechanicsburg, PA            1995 Green Dodge 298.54 ft.
7] Gary Aniska Jr.            Scranton, PA                        2007 Green Chevy 294.32 ft.
8] Dave Kratz                        Hamburg, PA                        1997 White Dodge 289.66 ft.

A&A Automotive   Event Sponsor
PPE   Series Sponsor, Drag Racing/Sled Pulling
TPC Power Center   Equipment Sponsor
Mass Diesel   Dyno Sponsor
Quaker Steak & Lube   Gate Sponsor

NADM Sponsors:

Industrial Injection
High Tech Turbo
Victor Reinz
South Bend Clutch
Champion Blue Flame Oil
Premier Performance
Mickey Thompson
Flo-Pro Exhaust
Nitrous Express

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