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You wanna remove the wheel weights because if you paint over them and then have to go get them rebalanced for any reason you'll have a blank spot and have to either re-do the wheel or touch up that spot.
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The motor for the green car is in progress lol alot of welding and stuff needs to happen though.
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Ok, so on the wheels, heres a quickie on how i did mine. Wet sanded them first. I put 4 coats of wheel paint on them (spray can, find it next to caliper paint at an auto store), i think you can even use engine paint if the wheel paint choices are not what your looking for. Then 4-5 coats of clear wheel paint. Not hard really. They look awesome when finally done. I do recommend tho to remove the wheels while you do this, or at least for the most part remove the wheel weights. If you need full instructions just let me know. And good luck on your wheels!
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