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  • Age: 29
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Knoxville, Tennessee
    United States
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Smoking ride you have there!

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Clean 83! I still have a big soft spot for 3rd gens as I worked for GM in 83/84 and drove many of them when they were brand new. The good old days!!!
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Hey thanks for posting in my garage, and to answer your question...I used to have the factory hood on mine with the semi hi-rise intake and I used a low profile air cleaner (14") that wrapped around the carb, you can get away by using that with the stock hood, if you want to see some reference pics of it go to cardomain.com and type in my user name "Rocinrol" I have before & after pics in there so you can get the idea.
Nice car you have there...keep up the good work.
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