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thanks for the compliments. I should have it finished in the next 2 weeks.

for the 13.007 pass I have Patriot Heads and cams, underdrive pulleys and a tune... 3.73 gears at that time also. made the pass on nitto's and couldnt get off the line. I think it was a 2.09 60' if I remember corectly.

It had 12.80's in it for sure with a sub 2 second sixty foot. I never got the chance to get out there with my ET Streets to get a good launch.
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Beautiful car. I bet that blower is going to be sweet. How much longer untill you have it back? Nothing sounds better than a cammed 4.6. That thing is going to sound wicked.
What kind of cams were you using to run that 13.007? What else was done to the car? Awesome vert.
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