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  • Age: 40
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Deltona, Florida
    United States
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NO_MAS’s Profile Photo

Nice garage - sharp rides!
scc24540’s Profile Photo

i am loving the car, one of the finest 6th gens of all time
zchevroletman91’s Profile Photo

Hey! Just got my rims that I had on order are finally here! check out the photos!
6T5’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comps. Yours is quite the badass ss! I plan on keeping this one bone stock, since i have the Elky to drop $$$ on...

Take it ez
zchevroletman91’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the request! Love the car, you have a great taste in everything! That color is sooooo cool.... you dont see to many of those. Right features ( since you already have the good ones =) ) make that color look AMAZING!
2fastforyou’s Profile Photo

love the monte
rotwiler’s Profile Photo

Had a black 00 SS when they first came out, ended up trading it in in 02 for the 02 Z28 I have now. I like the MC's, Nice color!
g35classified’s Profile Photo

thanks man, ur car looks hot as well.
50stanger’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments...nice montey tyou have there too!(yours is way better)

I don't really have too many plans for it, may be a 3100 to 3400 engine swap, but that is about it.
Scarhead’s Profile Photo

sweet ride, love the grill
GrizzlyBear’s Profile Photo

check out my new lighting setup
Tyler’s Profile Photo

thats a badass monte you got there!
montemike7285’s Profile Photo

nice ride montecarlo the only way to ride
GrizzlyBear’s Profile Photo

yo man, my cutty is holdin its own out there. minus vs you. haha
Richman’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment.

Im not a big GM fan, but you have one sweet looking Monte. Very nice!
ns_monte48’s Profile Photo

Cars looking good man!
mc78ttop’s Profile Photo

whats up mc 2 mc.
cookinSSS’s Profile Photo

Geat looking SS!!! Charcoal Grey is SWEET!!!
Spanky’s Profile Photo

Cool Monte. Love the charcoal color and the red paint on the intake shroud. Keep up the good work!
mickey’s Profile Photo

looks nice I like charcoal grey on the montes looks sweet!!
lexmaniac’s Profile Photo

tight ride bro!
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