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    Looks like my tranny is on its way. I now will be an offcial member of the mmcss club. Can't wait to pop that clutch LOL

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Bumpin1ohmSS’s Profile Photo

Thanks for checkin the old SS out. Got a looong way to go to get her as clean as yours is, but that's the fun part. The wheels are 20x9's all around. I want to get the rear well mini tubbed, and run a 22x9. I want that "prowler" look, but still be able to stay low.
Spanky’s Profile Photo

Sweet looking Monte, looks pretty sick!
andylynn67’s Profile Photo

Love the blue SS Montes,Are those crager wheels? Havn't seen them since the late 70's irly 80's.
200-4r can be built to handle 600HP yours must have been stock.
Good luck with the 5 speed!!
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