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chevy66babe’s Profile Photo

lots of cool Cudas in your garage with lots of muscle. Gotta love them oldies
GoldenGirl’s Profile Photo

We had the same first car! and ended up as Mopar freaks, go figure. Well my daily driver is still a Pontiac, a 2000 Grand Prix. Maybe there's a new Challenger in my future though. smile image Love the '69 Cuda!
72demon’s Profile Photo

Sharp ride I had a 67 fastback 273 4 speed factory. Girlfreind took it out when I was on the road had a guy rear end it and take off totaled it man was I pissed. Hey Ive spent alot of time in salina use to now the guy that had the napa paint store there
ghostwhite’s Profile Photo

nice car collection youve got there
Ghost’s Profile Photo

Sorry, but I honestly don't remember you.... Odd, since I don't usually forget a fellow car guy.
dodgevanman’s Profile Photo

Yea I got the pre-reg fourm...Yea the 600 was a clean car but a "Mechanic" did some owrk to it befor i got it and messed it all up under the hood and was going to cost to much to fix so i parted it out and crushed, Now I have a 1988 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z..I love it!!!
dodgevanman’s Profile Photo

Yea, I plan to as long as nothing unexpected comes up
71_Charger’s Profile Photo

I see ya posted the pic of your younger, better looking brother. LOL
ColoradoAMC’s Profile Photo

I added more photos of my AMC's
DewayneS’s Profile Photo

X-cellent job on the logos fstbck!!
DewayneS’s Profile Photo

NICE aviator FASTBACK!!!!!
kayak65cuda’s Profile Photo

What a great set - one of each era. I'm working on the one of each type (don't tell my wife) of early A-body. I've got the 65 Cuda, and just got a 66 V Convert. - now I need a post car & a wagon - oh well, one thing at a time (need a bigger garage though)
Savoy_Sailor’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the video comment. I really enjoy my car. smile image Nice rides you have.. wink image
toplescuda’s Profile Photo

very nice collection cant have to many mopars .....ralph
DCrawford’s Profile Photo

Very nice collection of Barracudas!!! You have also added some great pics and information on the Old Mopars!!! Thanks and great garage!!!!
69fstbck’s Profile Photo

No you don't!!! You have to feed and water them, and now that is costly!!! LOL!!! But I still love Em!!!

Thanks for the marks!!!
71_Charger’s Profile Photo

Wish I had that many FISH in my tank!
69fstbck’s Profile Photo

Thanks. Well I was not sure anyone was reading this stuff!!! Now I have my answer!!!
DewayneS’s Profile Photo

Yes I agree with tward6. Thanks for all the great old stuff and information. Very interesting reading!!!
tward6’s Profile Photo

Thank You for all the GREAT commercials and Mopar history items you are placing up here on the site it is great to see them
DewayneS’s Profile Photo

You have some Nice Barracuda's!!! Love the Basenji dog!!!
BigBlockMan’s Profile Photo

NICE Cuda, opps I mean barracuda. Samething right.
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