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  • Age: 36
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Cookeville, Tennessee
    United States
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bmanterrill93’s Profile Photo

yeah i hear u on that one uve seen my dads 1950 dodge i beleive hes 1950_dodgeman that was an over the summer kind of car but both his mopars are giving him trouble
bmanterrill93’s Profile Photo

I like ur bith ur cars they look like there a load of fun! specialy the 76 camaro with the buterfly i think its called on the hood
bzzzzzzz’s Profile Photo

Go Black Betty GO
(challenge comment)
62ranchero’s Profile Photo

thanks, you have a cool camaro!
FordGirlGoneBad’s Profile Photo

Nice garage - my Dad lives in Sparta, I got to go to the Cookeville fair last year while visiting him there. Next time I'm out that way, I'll see if I can hook up with you and the other Cookeville car lovers.

If you ever see a teal colored Vicky out there with a 302 Boss and an old guy about your size driving, that's my Dad! LOL.
cooch’s Profile Photo

Thats cool yea im originally from farragut but me and my family moved out to the lc way nicer out here as far as people and such
nova_the_destroyer’s Profile Photo

ha ha the name of the game is i win and so i win but u gave me a scare there for a bit
GrandPrixAngel’s Profile Photo

Thank you, but my prix is nothing compared to your Camaro. Very VERY nice.
tcrsprint97’s Profile Photo

Thanks! You have a nice Camaro too!
GrandPrixAngel’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the add!!
Zach79Z’s Profile Photo

Yeah, im not usually on here all that often. Guess you decided to keep your car, good choice, she's a beaut!
TheAntiRice’s Profile Photo

awsome ride man the car loks mean thats also the year i was born 1976lol
ThePunisher’s Profile Photo

Actually it's a '69 Dodge Daytona. Superbird's were made by Plymouth. I'm doing things to it little by little. It had a 400ci in it before, but now I just put a HEMI in it.
Mr_Squeelerz’s Profile Photo

I almost bought one of those for $900 in good shape. But someone beat me to it! GRR. Nice car! I love the simplicity of those years.
SDavis2702’s Profile Photo

well if you like that one... i just bought another one. you see the last battle? Cam-aro vs BlueZee? i bought the one with the stripes biggrin image
LyleA’s Profile Photo

Nice ride. Check out www.Z28.com
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