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  • Age: 32
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Raymond, Nebraska
    United States
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Damn Jay, go to Motortopia cool kids and write a haiku about Jason!
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Dude I just bought a first gen DSM and ran it into a cow, and the cow burst into flames!!!! LS1FTW OMG OMG OMG LOL OLLOLOLOL
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Thanks there matey. It be a fine street-fairing vessel. Argh

Funny the cars in our challenge are both in storage right now...I guess the real challenge will be in the spring.
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Haha.. thanks for the comment... I love that silver of the GSX. I like 2g's body style better then 1g..
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I'm a Chevy man, wanna get in my pants.
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hey there! thanks for the comment! i'm a chevy girl...i love the montes!!!!!
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