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  • Age: 35
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Buffalo, New York
    United States
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i have more mods i just haven't listed them for a reason. one of my buddy's is on here with a foxbody 331 stroker that he just got put in with stock tranny and rear end i dont think its going to hold up. yes i have dr's and drag bags will list all mods after we race until then its on the dl
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Thanks. Yeah just check back in maybe a couple weeks. Probaby have video
tom5oh’s Profile Photo

nice tbird man, thanks a bunch for the votes!
MONGOOSE’s Profile Photo

Your "T-BIRD" is cool. I like the way stands out. Good luck!!!
tbirdracing’s Profile Photo

Nice bird yo. Im a bird fan myself. I have a 97 bird but its down right now but hopefully ill be gettin a 4.6L DOHC 4V for it this weekend but yeah man you have a very nice MN12 Bird. GOOD JOB!!!
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That is one clean looking T-Bird. Great job with all of the mod's. Look forward to checking it out this Spring/
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I love the x bird man. Its sweet. One of my first cars was an 88 turbo coupe. I miss it so much. Mabe Ill see you at that show in the summer. Keep in touch I would love to make a trip out of it. Thanks.. Bob
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That is one badass 'Bird, especially with the Cobra "R's" on it...
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you are owning that 300M....why? because its a damn chrysler.
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