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  • She is done!
    So finally after a long winded process. Sofia is all better and back in my hands. The torque converter needed replacing as well as the dash display. So after about a month and a...

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    Many have gotten this wrong. It is not Sophia. It is simply Sofia, with an "F".

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    I just recently ordered my DV's from Stratmosphere. Got a great deal on the Hyperboost Compact in a Seal Gray. They are going on Friday. These are my first mod and next will...

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Juggernaut’s Profile Photo

long time no chat
bmkmcm06’s Profile Photo

IS that were you got your s4??
bmkmcm06’s Profile Photo

So did you make this "people against mountian mitsubishi"?
bmkmcm06’s Profile Photo

Do you drive "Sofia" as a daily driver or do you have somthing else??
bmkmcm06’s Profile Photo

Well still looking for somthing. The STi i test drove had some problems and the dealer did not want to fix it and did not want to lower the price.... so that s4 or s6 could still be waiting for me.....I will that STi was FAST...even if it is stock....And the Evo`s... JUNK ....never drove one and never will....what mods are you doing to that s4 of yours???
AudiS4’s Profile Photo

Yeah, but wait until I get those mods and am in the high 300's then we will see. But by then who knows what you will have man.

But yes, the STi, as of now is faster... but I am stock, but still stock for stock the STi comes with 50 more hp.
subiescooby’s Profile Photo

yeah, i've got an STi and i'm good friends with S4. mine is def. quicker, and i absolutely love mine, no complaints. he'll back me up on it too.
bmkmcm06’s Profile Photo

So I might be out of the audi kick. I test drove a STi today. Quick car but....have you raced any on the street..you win or get smoked??? Not saying any thing bad about a s4 love the car but that sti is sick...
Juggernaut’s Profile Photo

lol you think my car has a good rear end...
bmkmcm06’s Profile Photo

I might be looking to buy another audi soon...so just wanted some in put.Your S4 was only 1 of 5647 Produced for that year or color or what? I know my next audi is going to be a "S" and Bi-turbo but a s4 or a s6 I dont know yet. What do you think of your S4 money well spent? My A4 was money well wasted slow as dirt and i had so problems with the motor, and soon after I bought it I (or should I say my brother) smoked the motor. Give me some in put would you thanks?
rice_killer’s Profile Photo

thanks smile image
nice car yourself!
Grandviewmustangs’s Profile Photo

In response to your comment, I did not buy the Roush like it is. Look at the mods I have made. I assure you that this 450RWHP car does not come from Roush that way.
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