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  • Age: 34
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Kalamazoo, Michigan
    United States

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95BerettaBase’s Profile Photo

Hey man, if you get time, maybe I could have your support in my challenge. Its my first one and I'd like to win. Thanks.
FetishX’s Profile Photo

I'm getting a new car! YAY
Cleven’s Profile Photo

Pretty nice beretta. I like the tip on the back
FetishX’s Profile Photo

Yea I realized it was probably you as we drove by in my brothers big ass brown jimmy..lol...there were only like maybe 3-4 ppl sittin on the patio all at your table...I was like I wonder if that is that dude from bstuffs car...LOL
FetishX’s Profile Photo

You know whats funny is I've seen your car in person and I didn't even realize it was your car!!! And it was the middle of no where to right at Dairy Queen in Rose CIty...lol!
03lssportblue’s Profile Photo

appreciate the comment.. i try my best lol and am liking the color combo of the beretta red and black for the win
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